The Left is so ugly they don’t even care

Another good reason i could never go back to the Democrat party or embrace liberalism again. They keep piling up, but this one seals the deal permanently.

Biden and Harris saw BLM/ANTIFA burning down our cities,looting,vandalizing,assaulting and in some instances murdering people. They knew St John’s church was set on fire and ‘protestors’ tried to storm the White House endangering the President and his family. They looked the other way. The Harris staff funded their bail. We know why. It’s called an insurrection. They wanted Trump out of office. They made that perfectly clear from day one.

Now Trump had a rally on Nov 6-one of many-and some marched down to the Capitol building after Trump called for a peaceful march. He was clear. PEACEFUL. They went to protest the certifying of electors for Biden that day.

End result: more than 500 charged.

The first to be sentenced was Paul Allard Hodgkins. He was given 8 months.

Hodgkins only spent 15 minutes inside “the People’s House” but after being threatened with two decades in prison he accepted a plea deal last month leaving him facing a recommended sentence of 15 to 21 months.

Mind you if any of these people assaulted law enforcement they can throw the book at them but they are still entitled to due process; not indefinite detention or solitary confinement.

You may recall the case of Paul Manafort who was a Trump associate being placed in solitary confinement in a regional Virginia jail for a non violent crime himself.Manafort was 69 yr old and never a danger to others.

This is what an insurrection looks like

Trump was spied on, investigated for nearly his whole first term based on a hoax and then they tried to impeach him twice. The first impeachment was planned before he was even sworn in and the 2nd one was after he left office.

They banned him from Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. A sitting President of the United States of America.Think about that.

The left supported all of this; from the treatment of Pres Trump right down to the incarceration of anyone who supports Trump. I’m fine with anyone going to prison for breaking the law,Trump supporter or not, but i’m not fine with denying any American citizen their civil rights or due process.

I don’t suppose they understand that this is the kind of thing they do in third world countries? And they’re gleeful about it. The same people who called Trump a tyrant, dictator, fascist. I always thought at least their eyes worked. Guess not.

It’d serve them right if we just let Biden sign all his policies into law and let Pelosi rule with her iron fist in Congress. If we really wanted to get back at the left we’d give all their crazy ideas a pass.

If objective reality and the lessons of history meant anything to them we wouldn’t be where we are now. They don’t get where this is going.

One day they will be the people accused of insurrection. They will be the people sitting in prison with the media spinning their own narrative about them. Due process? Done, did and over by then. Once we get there-all of us with no exemptions for liberals-there is no turning back. These kinds of movements rarely turn around. They don’t care now. They will then.