Biden’s Covid Strategy on the “campaign” trail

I don’t believe for a second Biden actually won Pennsylvania given a number of shenanigans in the state. It was one of the 5 critical states with that mysterious black out on election night. However, i did pick out from the article and first hand observation of Joe how he pulled the wool over some people’s eyes. If you watch Joe long enough you figure out he’s a really nasty guy.You also know how far down he is declining mentally now. It’s one thing to hide it on the campaign trail. It’s easier. When you’re President you have to come out of the bunker once in awhile. The media tries to cover for him but there’s times even they can’t hide it.

Let’s go back to the campaign trail in 2020 after the Covid pandemic hit home.

Joe barely left his bunker. They were always putting a lid on the campaign, meaning no events for Joe. When he finally came out in daylight he was always wearing a mask. I bet you remember his circles. You can’t unsee them. He had a car rally one night. He never drew a crowd and probably half the people in the circles were his fan club from the cable news networks.

Contrast that to the Trump rallies where people-thousands of them-were packed in like sardines. Trump practiced all the CDC recommendations but you rarely saw him with a mask. Joe and his wife Jill kissed each other with masks on.(Insert eye roll here).

Ironically i think Joe looked like he was acting more cautious and people could have taken that to mean Joe was very serious about the virus and Trump was not.i went back and listened to parts of Joe’s speeches[when he gave one] and that’s exactly the impression he was trying to give.

He’d rip Trump up one side and down the other over his covid response.Joe conveniently omitted the fit he pitched over Trump’s travel bans. He left out all the accomplishments of the Trump administration when it came to the virus response. We were not prepared for it and President Trump mades sure production got ramped up. We were resupplied in no time.Anything the governors needed they got,even the Democrats.

Trump had to walk a fine line. He had to keep the public informed about the seriousness of the virus but try not to send them into a panic.Joe was trying to get across to the public that Trump didn’t take the virus seriously.Maybe people were convinced Joe would handle the virus better, safer, more cautiously. This is one senior citizen he didn’t have fooled.

Now when Joe took office he had it all handed to him. He tried to get the narrative going that he was responsible for the Covid program, even the vaccines. That took some chutzpah.

What Harris said about the vaccines takes the cake. Listening to this now, doesn’t it seem a tad ironic?