A Very Special Thank You-An Edited Version. Updated 7.30.21

All the help is greatly appreciated. More than you know. My goal is $200.00. Not a penny more. After that the donate button comes out. It’s not as if my husband & i are the only people having a tough time. I know when people donate it may not be that easy for them to do so.There are a lot of people in our country struggling right now that could use the help. i wouldn’t be asking at all had we not fallen into the situation we did. Inflation is out of control. Every time you go to the store for groceries or fill up your car with gas it’s just a little bit higher each time. The main reason i try to invest as much time as possible here is solely out of love for the MAGA movement, you patriots (absolutely). our country, that we are so blessed to live in and of course, our beloved President Trump.

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God bless. Thank You

i did not ask for consent to use the persons name. Will keep it private.

A few days ago i received a notification that there was a donation to the blog.

It was the first and for that matter the ONLY donation i have received here to date. I want the person to know how greatly appreciated that was.

For one, it will be helpful financially but it was also a great spirit picker upper.

So thank you stranger. For stopping by and for thinking enough of the blog to be willing to donate. I hope you come by often and that the articles will be interesting enough for you; for everyone actually.

i hadn’t considered putting in a request for donations until last year due to a turn of events. i had managed to keep the blog pro the past few years out of my own pocket-probably by the skin of my teeth but nonetheless i was able to upgrade to pro & keep it.

My husband suddenly turned very ill. He’s always been prone to cellulitis but the few times he’s had it he’s been fortunate to have a mild case treated with antibiotics and got over it. This last time it came on suddenly and severe .He ended up at a local hospital who 2 days later moved him out to a higher care hospital-who in turn moved him to an even higher care hospital out of our area. He had quickly developed bacterial endocarditis, sepsis and later we would find out, somewhere between the 3 different hospitals, had 2 strokes.

Long story short he ended up in a nursing home for a month and i got him out of there. Next, we made arrangements for him to go the Cleveland Clinic and have the surgery to repair his mitral valve there. This meant 2 trips to Cleveland. The first for all his testing and labs.

The bacterial endocarditis had damaged his heart to the point he was having regurgitation and within a year he had to have open heart to repair or replace it-they were leaning replace.

The trip was not cheap.We had to have transportation,taxi,uber, hotel room and transportation back. Unfortunately it wasn’t the only expense we had at the time. An aide of my husband’s had been evicted from her apartment while my husband was in the first hospital. I found her a place that fit her budget so she applied for it and was accepted. There was a catch though. She had 4 days to come up with a deposit and 1st months rent. Standard for most rentals.

She had enough for one payment, but not the other. So i offered to get a 6 month loan i knew i’d be quickly approved for and explained to her the bank would take out the payment automatically each month from my account. If we were able financially we’d have been glad to just give it to her. Not the case. She made a verbal agreement with me to make sure we got a payment each month to make up for it. I went ahead and got her the 500.00 loan. If i didn’t believe she was trustworthy i would never have made the offer. She got the new rental. We never saw her again or a dime of the loan.

i put up the donate button in the hopes of raising money for our Cleveland trip. It didn’t happen. The truth is we’re still digging our way back out.

Husband is doing well and recuperating. The Cleveland Clinic did a fantastic job. i can’t say enough good about them and their team.

Between the trips to Cleveland, the loan to this person, our rent and other expenses we have yet to dig our way back out. You never really catch up after situations like this. In fact other expenses came up we hadn’t expected. Bad timing.

This is when i decided to put in a donate button. Hated to do it but I figured i had 10k followers on twitter and if even half of those stopped by and donated i didn’t need to ask for more than $1.00 per donation. i have no idea if anyone from Twitter stopped by but i can tell you not a single one donated. Of course, now i’m banned at Twitter and Facebook both.

That’s the long & short of it but i did want to thank the party that donated and explain why there is a donate button at all. The purpose of the blog has never been to make money. I guess that’s obvious since it’s never happened and i’m still at it. I will continue to post what i hope are stories of interest with a little bit of my own take on current events from time to time. The main purpose-as you can tell- is support of Pres Donald Trump, other maga conservatives and patriots like yourself. Thanks to all of you for coming by. That matters a lot too.