Who to believe

When the Covid restrictions were in place but you saw the officials who were imposing them, flaunting them what was your first thought? Rules for thee,but not for me, total hypocrites or just people who didn’t have good judgement? Maybe they should have set a better example?

From my perspective Covid has been a nightmare on several levels not the least of which was the problem i just mentioned. The biggest problem in how it was handled was the politicization of information on the right and left.

Unfortunately everything in an election year is touched by politics; and that definitely includes 2020.

President Trump gave us Operation Warp Speed knowing we didn’t have the luxury of waiting the 4-5 yrs it would normally take to develop a vaccine.

We have 3 options in achieving herd immunity. No vaccine, vaccine or a combination of the 2 approaches. We (our government, that is)chose the combination route.

Option 1 means no vaccine. You let the virus run its course until you reach the threshold proportion for herd immunity.

Option 2 is vaccine and `means you would have to very aggressively coerce the public to get a vaccine.

Option 3 means make the vaccine available and accept that a certain percentage of the population will get the vaccine and a certain percentage are highly unlikely to get it. Some will get infected and eventually between the 2 groups herd immunity will be established. There’s the goal.

What we need more than a vaccine, a mask or restrictions is good information and a restoration of trust in the people providing it. It’s not going to be the people who applied the rules to everyone but themselves.

Basic facts to agree on:

  1. the virus is not a hoax. Keep in mind it was designed to be a bioweapon.
  2. We’re still gathering data and learning about the virus. We know more now than we did at the beginning of the pandemic. Fauci knew more than he was letting on. He was engaged in a cover up. More for himself than anyone.
  3. Yes, getting the vaccine may be a risk. Not getting the vaccine is a risk too.Talk to your trusted family doctor.
  4. We knew early on the virus might mutate. Viruses do. The variants shouldn’t be a surprise.

We need to find common ground in between, it’s only a hoax & i’m not wearing a stinking mask/getting a vaccine to being so paranoid that we think we’re all going to die from Covid.

This is serious stuff. The CCP and anyone else who covered up is responsible for the suffering inflicted on the world. The WHO bears responsibility because they covered up for the CCP. Fauci is responsible for the damage he did to the United States by covering up for himself.

We need someone who can talk turkey to the folks.It surely isn’t Biden.i’ve been ostracized a few times for saying i don’t oppose the vaccines and don’t think the masks and other precautions are a problem. On the flip side,that the left can’t stand, is i also think we need to be sure the cure isn’t worse than the problem-Pres Trump said that.

You can always talk to your family doctor. It’s your best bet for making the right decisions for you.