The Times Set Straight on Biden’s Pa “Win”

The name of the article from the Times online is How Trump lost Pennsylvania: Was he ‘his own worst enemy’ in race against Biden? It was published on Nov 7,2020.

Pennsylvania is a state that almost always votes Democrat. It’s considered to be a blue state and that Pres Trump won it in 2016 was remarkable. The cities with large population numbers such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia typically vote Democrat. It’s a hard state for any Republican to win. Maybe one of the reasons the Democrats ran with Biden as their nominee is because Joe is always associated with Pennsylvania though it’s a false narrative. The family moved out of Pa to Delaware when Joe was 10 yr old. The other false narrative is lunch bucket Joe. Joe spent 40+ yrs in DC and not a minute in the private sector to speak of.

In the Times article Mikus suggested that many older voters who supported Trump in 2016 turned to Biden this year, saying they “did not appreciate (Trump’s) downplaying of COVID-19 primarily because they’re the ones who are most at risk.”

Joe did become a mask warrior on the campaign trail but when the pandemic hit the United States in the first wave Joe was the one to downplay it and criticize Trump for overreacting. Trump did everything humanly possible to mitigate the virus. Governor Wolf,like Governor Cuomo of NY, moved Covid infected patients into nursing homes. Wolf was the cause of senior deaths in Pa. not Trump.It was well known that seniors with health problems were the most vulnerable. The CDC was the agency that handled the guidelines to deal with Covid. The CDC, afterall, is the agency that deals with infectious diseases. Trump commissioned VP Pence to head up the Corona Virus task force and Anthony Fauci was brought over from the NIH to be an essential part of the team. Most of what Pres Trump did was regarding supplies and logistics. He made sure every state had whatever it needed to deal with the virus. The virus response should have been handled at the state level by the state governors.

Let’s not forget that Biden blasted Trump for the travel ban on China. People accused Trump (including Nancy Pelosi)of being xenophobic.

The article fails to mention a couple other facts 1.the election laws in Pennsylvania were illegally changed. If anyone can spell this out is Mark Levin. He knows the Constitution backwards and forwards, inside and out.

2. Poll watchers were blocked from the polling stations in Philadelphia and other activities that could only happen in a Democrat controlled city where they were self assured they could get away with it.

A spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Election Day Operations, Rachel Tripp, told the Daily Caller that Feldman’s experience at the polls “is one of over a dozen instances of election interference reported across Philadelphia in just three hours since polls opened this morning.”

“These blatant, desperate, and illegal attempts to prevent certified Republican poll watchers from ensuring the integrity of the electoral process is clearly a last ditch effort by desperate Democrats to influence the election through obstructive and dishonest means,” Tripp said.

Also in Philadelphia, Democratic operatives were caught handing out Democratic voting guides to people in line to vote.

The legislators in various states should have put their foot down the minute the Democrats violated the Constitution and taken back their authority to change the laws. Now they’re trying to restore voter integrity and of course the Democrats are claiming it’s ‘voter suppression.’

Ok, let’s give them that argument. Has the Democrat party come up with even one legal voter that was prevented from voting? Just one. Not hard.