Come 2022 & 2024 remember what the Democrats did to Trump supporters. Pls share on Twitter.Tweet to Pelosi, Schumer & Biden

If the Republicans get a majority in the House and Senate & they’re done taking the gavel from Pelosi here’s a good list of actions they can take:

The Tit for Tat List

  1. Impeach Biden. Twice if necessary.
  2. Swalwell was busted sleeping with a Chinese spy.Holy Cow, he’s on the Intel Committee of all things. Boot him off! He shouldn’t even be in Congress.
  3. if the Dems actually get their way and vote out the filibuster take advantage then tell them, Thank You.
  4. investigate the BLM/ANTIFA insurrection of 2020.As a matter of discovery find out which Democrats were directly or indirectly supporting them. Don’t over look their possible financial support ie donations.
  5. slow walk Biden appointees.
  6. Ukraine gate. Should be easy. He bragged about it on camera.

7. if the Squad makes any more anti Semitic remarks censure them by name. This one isn’t tit for tat. This is for anti Semitic comments Rep. Ilhan Omar got away with under Pelosi.

8. i’d say shred Biden’s next SOTU address behind him where everyone can see, but he’ll probably do a good enough job himself. No need.

9. Insist the White House Dr. give Joe Biden the same cognitive test Trump was harassed into taking. Make the score public, just like Trump did.

10. Request a Special Counsel to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with foreign actors.

Reporters are just too tough on Joe.