What if Trump actually won the election in 2020 and it’s proven through the audits?

Biden has already been certified, installed and taken the oath of office. So what would happen if Trump had actually won in 2020? There’s nothing in the Constitution to cover such a scenario and now it’s likely to happen. Not highly likely,but likely. Let’s at least agree that it’s possible. Since that’s the case what could we do? Would we be forced to wait until 2024?

I had an idea. A tad on the crazy side but i’ll posit it anyway. Consider this just thinking out loud. Tell me it hasn’t crossed your mind at all.

What if we held a 2nd election on Nov 3, 2021? Biden as the Democrat candidate(obviously) and Trump as the Republican candidate? By then we’d have better voter laws less prone to fraud and people would be more apt to trust the results. If Biden won he could simply continue his term. If Trump won he could be sworn in come Jan. like we typically do.

I’m all in for Trump 2024 but the thought crossed my mind.

One thought on “What if Trump actually won the election in 2020 and it’s proven through the audits?

  1. James Cole

    I think if there was fraud to the extent that it shows the same patterns in multiple states, that legal action needs to be taken this is treason as it is a Coup Against the United States and the American people all party’s involved need to be tried and if found guilty need to be executed or life in prison without parole. And the Democratic Party should be dismantled and bared from participating in any further elections. God Bless the USA! 🇺🇸


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