Tucker Carlson: Biden Admin Teaming Up With Facebook To Censor Conservatives

Nwo Report


The Biden administration is working with Facebook to censor the free speech rights of conservative Americans, according to a stunning admission made by press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday.

Following Psaki’s announcement, Tucker Carlson outlined why this flagrant violation of our First Amendment rights should sound alarm bells all across America.

“In this country, in any free country, politicians are not supposed to be allowed to decide what you can see, hear or talk about. They can’t control what you read, period. That’s why the first amendment, but they are, and they’re doing it in much more aggressive ways than they’ve ever done Before. we learned this year, it was a lifelong Democratic party fixer called Andy Stone, who announced Facebook’s decision last October to censorThe New York Post’svery accurate reporting on Hunter Biden.”

“In August, it was Kamala Harris’s press secretary who announced Twitter’s decision…

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