Sick of it! not for the easily offended

i’ve written probably 5 or 6 entries on this topic and didn’t intend to get into it any further but now i’ve decided on one final speak out. There’s a lot going on in our country right now and dwelling on just one topic isn’t helpful or informative so let’s get this out of the way.

Joe Biden made the comment that he’s going to have people from communities go door to door to inquire about household’s being vaccinated. With Joe it’s hard to tell if he’s losing his train of thought or it’s going to be actual policy. On the assumption he knows what he’s talking about here i would give this one big N-O but you do what you want. The vaccination is not the issue. We have hippa laws and you can’t violate those. We do not have to give anyone our medical information for one. This is private property for another and unless we allow you on our property it’s trespassing. i have to be clear that i totally oppose this idea with good reason. Not the least of which is invasion of privacy. The government has data on vaccinations. There is no need to go door to door.

My husband was vaccinated. i won’t say which one. I do not want to give the appearance of promoting any one vaccine or any one company. We’re Catholic and the bishops oppose the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. As Catholics this is one we’ll have to pass on.It’s too close to aborted fetus cell lines.They looked at all the vaccines carefully and do not oppose vaccines; just the way this one was developed.

We are aware any vaccine has a risk but with my husband’s serious health issues and on the recommendation of our family doctor he got the vaccine. There was a greater risk of him dying from Covid if he ever caught it than there was from the risks of the vaccine. He had no side effects at all. It’s where i’m at with the vaccine. Talk to your family doctor. Asses your own situation. My husband’s health aide who comes into our home-as well as the homes of other senior citizens-voluntarily got the vaccine. She wasn’t concerned about herself. She works with the most vulnerable population and was worried about them.She had mild side effects. A slight headache and fatigue for a few days and that was it.

My husband had recently spent about 4 months in hospitals and a nursing home. We were not about to have him get infected with Covid.

Yes, Covid is real. It’s not a hoax and no it is NOT the flu.Most people have had their flu shots by this time. Why would they produce a vaccine for the flu when there is already a shot for the flu that people get every year.We know of people here who have had Covid-one died-and can attest to the fact that it is neither a hoax or the flu.

Even President Trump was infected and had to be treated at Walter Reed Hospital.

As for the masks which seem to be a big deal for the people who wear them and the people who refuse to wear them.Our doctor’s office required them so i used one so i could have an appointment. Doctors and nurses wear masks themselves under certain circumstances. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I needed to see the doctor and if this is what their office required then that is what i would have to do.The rest of the time-no mask. Not necessary. The information re the efficacy of masks is all over the map but i don’t think getting in people’s faces for not wearing one or shaming people because they are says much for us.People can make up their own minds;just like they can asses their own situation and decide whether to get a vaccine or not.I don’t have contact with a lot of people and i live with my husband-no point of wearing a mask here.We went to the Cleveland Cleveland together and when we came back we chose to self isolate. If either of us had contracted Covid we’d have both known during that period. There was no sense in either of us wearing a mask.

i wash my hands a lot and use sanitizer frequently and not necessarily because of Covid. My husband just went through an ordeal because of bacterial endocarditis and had to have open heart surgery. i am very cautious around here but with good reason. Good hygiene is a worthwhile practice anyway. Covid or no covid. It just doesn’t hurt.

Fauci needs investigated and forced to resign or get fired. He knew the Chinese were doing Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab and he approved of funding it. He hid this information and to cover his butt he downplayed the virus in the beginning, knowing full well what was actually going on. The WHO covered for the CCP too and lied for them. They also downplayed the virus in the beginning. The only reason Fauci and the WHO had to change their tune is because the pandemic broke out and there was just no hiding it anymore. What this disinformation did to the public is probably irreversible now and deadly as hell at the time. Nobody feels assured of any information regarding Covid. There’s conspiracy theories out there and because of the lies Fauci and the WHO fed the public, people are falling for conspiracy theories for reliable information. They figure if the so called experts could be wrong then there’s no reason not to look into other information. Fauci wasn’t wrong-he knew what was going on and was lying.

I will say this, at first even the other experts in this field had no idea what we were dealing with. They had to collect data and study what they collected. It’s still an ongoing process. We know more now than we did when the pandemic broke out, but there’s still a long way to go. i would advise staying away from sites that seem to have an agenda especially if they either downplay the virus as if it’s no worse than the flu or if they play up the virus as if everyone is going to die.

It is deadly but more so for some than others, it is highly contagious but that’s obvious because it became a pandemic and there are some treatments that appear to be effective but we need more data. That takes time.

I am convinced that had Fauci been honest and wasn’t looking out for himself people[he was part of a CYA memo] would have placed more trust in the information they were getting.If the WHO had been honest we would have had a better handle on stopping the spread.

Fauci caused confusion and mistrust but trust me, he wasn’t confused. He knew very well what was going on. It’s a shame. This could have been handled so much better if the head of our CDC wasn’t corrupt. The one good thing out of all this is that he’s finally been exposed. So why is he still the head of the CDC?

Look, there is some good information out there. Your best bet though is to talk to your own family doctor who knows your medical history and if you have a trusting relationship he or she is your best go to. Asses the risks with the vaccines for your own situation. My husband’s decision was solely his own, based on what his doctor said and his conditions. He decided for himself what the greater risk was. He’s also in situations where he’s around other people. The combination of these factors informed him. I wasn’t thrilled when he decided to have it but honestly, there wasn’t much choice. i couldn’t tell him what to do anyway.

Medical decisions can be very difficult. There are sometimes risk on both sides. Even having surgery carries a risk but not having an essential surgery carries risk too. We’ve all seen surgeries that worked wonders for people and some that did more damage than good. Yes, i believe he made the right decision and would have felt that way regardless of the outcome. I just wasn’t thrilled he had to make a choice at all but you learn to live with these things.

The older you get the more that can go wrong. You couldn’t have told me that when i was 30 or even 40 and definitely not when i was an immortal forever young adolescent.

What prompted me to talk about COVID again [it’s not really my favorite topic] is i got tired of all the b.s. on the internet. You get a group of people who are utterly paranoid. You get another group of people who swear it’s a hoax and blow off taking any precautions at all. Worst of all it’s how it’s been politicized. You get politics injected into anything and you’re bound to end up with a lack of trust-rightly so too.

Again, talk to YOUR family doctor and do what’s right for YOUR situation. We’re all trying to get good information. It’s not easy.

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