Heartbroken Mother of “Q Shaman” Speaks On Jake’s Persecution

Source: Heartbroken Mother of “Q Shaman” Speaks On Jake’s Persecution

Take Note: before anyone makes some claim that i am part of Q will set the record straight here. Never have been nor will be. Never followed Q or participated in their discussions. On the other hand i never disparaged the group publicly either. They have the right to share information, form a group, have discussions. I was always leary of Q anyway partly because the founder(s)or foundation of Q has always been a little murky. Nobody seems to know though some people have speculated it’s one person or another. It’s too big a mystery to suit me. It could even be our own intel community, a Democrat operative or just some college kids pulling a prank. Who knows? For that reason alone it’s worrisome; especially for those people who did join. Nobody wants good people to get duped. Still these people have the right to become part of Q. It was a non violent group. No harm done. It’s up to them to decide if the information they’re getting is accurate and true. That said, i am going to continue to cover the incarceration and treatment of the people who were locked up over the Capitol break in until something is done to give these people the due process they’re entitled to. If their civil liberties are being violated-it bears investigation-they have the right to bring suit against the government. Let’s keep this issue alive and support people like Gohmert who are on it!! Contact Gohmert and let him know you’re concerned too. If he hears from enough of us he’ll continue to aggressively pursue it. It’s just not right. They are our fellow citizens. We could be in their shoes someday.