Dear Lefties,what were you thinking?

We had a President who had a pretty cushy lifestyle going for himself for a long time. He was welcome on all the talk shows, comedy shows and even made some cameo movie appearances. He married a beautiful woman who was a legal immigrant from another country and she became a naturalized citizen of the United States.He raised his children to be successful and drug/alcohol free just like himself. He did well in real estate and a very successful reality tv show.

He was once asked by Oprah Winfrey if he would ever consider running for President. He said only if things got so bad that he wouldn’t have a choice. Evidently it did because it was worth his giving up his cushy life style, his successful tv show and some substantial income. He could have retired very comfortably.

So you decided to vote for the other guy. A man who made his living solely in politics and by selling out his country to other countries. His son was addicted to drugs, porn, minors and fast and easy cash;which he was obligated to share with the big guy,his dad. His dad who peddled the influence of his office of VP.

The 45th President was called a racist, not that there was ever any evidence in his previous life. The 46 President on the other hand supported segregation.

He was once at the forefront of a movement against busing students in order to desegregate schools — even battling against Republican Sen. Ed Brooke, the only black senator at the time, over the issue — while he paid lip service to the desegregation movement.

The 45th President was Donald Trump. The 46th is Joe Biden and one of these Presidents was accused of being a dictator-a tyrant-a Hitler even though his daughter, his grandchild and son in law are all Jewish. That’s Trump in case you didn’t know.

Let’s do an assessment of which one is the dictator.

Who was banned from Twitter,Facebook and You Tube?

Biden or Trump?

Whose campaign was spied on?

Biden or Trump?

Who offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine then bragged about it?

Biden or Trump?

Whose son’s laptop was hidden from the public before the election?

Biden or Trump?

Who has contact with Facebook to ban content?

Biden or Trump?

Who is not allowed to talk about election fraud?

Biden or Trump?

Who wants to send people to your house to see if you’ve been vaccinated?

Biden or Trump?

Here’s one; Try to call the White House and leave a comment for the President. Good luck!

When you’re done with that, go to the White House you tube channel for Joe and try to click a dislike. Good luck with that too.

And you said Trump was a dictator,tyrant and racist,even a Hitler. i can remember when you could say any vile thing you liked to Trump.Now you can’t even leave a comment on the White House line for the President or dislike his you tube channel.

Maybe you should stop letting the media gaslight you and take a look at what’s really going on. They trashed President Trump for 4 yrs, his family,his associates and even his wife Melania. They worship the ground Joe Biden walks on and i ask you; what has he actually done for the country so far in his 40+ yrs in D.C. They ask him what kind of ice cream he likes.

By the way,let me know if you’re not sure of the answers.