CRT, White Privilege, Racism. We have lost our minds.

It all started with President Trump being a racist dictator and the unfortunate and terrible deaths of a number of black men at the hands of a few police officers. It probably started long before that but only recently came to the surface.

Let me say this,i can prove Pres Trump was neither a dictator or racist . The problem is the media writes the narrative and whether it’s true or not is lost.

Biden gets certified and he’s now the President. Suddenly we’re hearing about CRT, white privilege and systemic racism.

Straight up CRT and BLM share an ideology. It’s Marxist. Marxism has no place in our country. PERIOD. Yes, black lives matter. i don’t need an organization based on Marxist* ideology to tell me that. We have a few bad cops and tragic incidents and suddenly the police have to be defunded or so say the Democrats. Some of them are even calling for the police to be abolished. Can anyone of these people explain the reasoning behind this? Can anyone of these Democrats tell the general public what their plan is if we do? A federalized police force meaning POLICE STATE. That’s worse than dealing with a few bad police officers. Everyone knows that violent crime has taken a dramatic increase in Democrat run cities where the police are either defunded, cut back, lack support or all 3. It was always high anyway. Now it’s worse.

I’m sorry but that’s plain craziness and the group that pays the highest price are the minorities.

Let’s suppose BLM wasn’t Marxist;it is but for the sake of the next point let’s say it’s not. They burnt down cities, trashed businesses, attacked bystanders they didn’t know and called for the death of police officers. One of their goals was to get Pres. Trump out of office. Don’t look at me. One of their leaders said so. When people say something like they mean it i tend to believe them.Why on earth would i support this group? I’m white so i doubt they could care less if i do or don’t but anyone who wants a safe community is not going to support their tactics. Whether you supported Pres Trump is not the issue here. What is the issue, is having our citizens live in a safe and secure environment. No, cops are not out hunting down black people. When you convince people that’s true it’s no wonder they’re frightened by police officers. It’s a narrative begging for problems.

CRT teaches people that the country is systemically racist, that white people have privileges over minorities and that our world view is based on race. The untold story is the success of many black Americans. The untold story is the victory of the Civil Rights movement. The untold story is how we are marching toward Martin Luther King’s dream. When you talk about white privilege all you’re doing is convincing black people [that]they’re at the bottom of our country.

Sounds like Marxism. Marxism sees societies as based on 2 groups, the oppressor and the oppressed. They always pick who they see as best suited for either group. Marx called his groups the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. BTW, Marxism always ends in violence with the state at the top-a small group of elites who oppress everyone else. Everyone else consists of the useful idiots who got them there & the people who tried to oppose them.

I’m white because i was born white. If you’re black it’s because you were born black.Both of us are just fine. From the time we are born till the day we die we are what we choose to become. A lot of what we become depends on the decisions we make and as life goes it sometimes throws a wrench in the mix no matter what we do.

Personally i think most Americans want to get along. There are bigots here and there. Discrimination laws prohibited keeping minorities from doing things they had the right to do but laws don’t stop racism. They only stop discrimination. There will probably always be racism, but i honestly believe the vast majority of the American people get along very well or they’re at least making the effort. As each generation goes on i think it will continue to get better unless you have the government indoctrinating people to create hostilities.

You can call me racist. You can call me a right wing nut job. You name it-you can use it. i don’t care because in the end we don’t answer to anyone but our Maker. We have a lot of crazy stuff going on in our country. Is there a large group of people out of touch with reality?

*Have the book American Marxism by Mark Levin yet? It’s out in retail stores and you can still purchase it online of course.

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