Question for the rank & file Dems, liberals, lefties & other Biden supporters

Did you like being lied to about Russian collusion? Feel good that you were duped about the hoax? They pulled the wool over your eyes for 3 yrs. ‘They’ used here will be referring to the media.

They were gaslighting you over Trump’s Charlottesville comment and might i add-STILL ARE. You like being considered that gullible?

Trump NEVER called the Neo Nazi’s and White Supremacists good people.

A few moments later, in case there would be any misunderstanding, he makes his meaning even more explicit.

“…I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists. They should be condemned totally.”!

They used the misquote over and over to paint Trump as a racist and/or Nazi sympathizer, or both . To this day some people still use it.

The worst gaslighting they ever did was by their silence.

Trump said he was spied on. People said he was nuts.

Trump said Covid-19 could have come from the Wuhan lab. Again they claimed he was crazy.

He banned travel from China and later on Europe. They said he was xenophobic.

They censored the NY Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop & later claimed it was hacked by the Russian’s.The receipt from the repair shop clearly had Hunter’s signature it.

If the media insulted my intelligence like that i’d have dropped them a long time ago. What i considered the most egregious gaslighting-besides the Russia hoax- was the Russian bounty on American soldier’s story. Fortunately that one was short lived but it was out there long enough for the damage to be done.

Did you fall for the Roger Stone house raid? The swat team arrives with guns drawn at the home of 2 unarmed senior citizens. CNN carries it live.

Roger and his wife were arrested like this for what? CNN just happened to be there. You’re buying that aren’t you.

You must feel very special that the cable news networks [who support Biden] think you’re one really stupid person who will believe anything they tell you OR they know you don’t care.

Which is worse- that they pull this crap off or you fall for it every time? i like to listen to commentators/journalists who respect their viewers enough to give them the truth, report the facts and let them make up our own minds.

Tucker reveals new information on why Hunter Biden’s case was buried. You’re willing to let them do this to you? You’re willing to stick up for them?