Everything Joe Says IS hyperbole

Whether Joe is whispering into a mic for effect or claiming something he says is NOT hyperbole- that means, it IS hyperbole.

Everything Joe says is hyperbole, unless he is mumbling something so unintelligible that even he can’t understand himself; then he says he will be in trouble because he wasn’t supposed to say anything. He always says that when he gets lost. He uses it as a way out.

His calling the Capitol Breach on Jan 6 as bad as the Civil War is the worst example of Joe’s tendency to use hyperbole to date. Is it possible Joe doesn’t comprehend what he’s talking about? Does he know anything about the Civil War?

The left totally ignores the insurrection that began against Trump in 2017 and ended in 2021. They called Antifa/BLM mostly peaceful protests and Joe called Antifa an idea. Someone better tell Joe his idea murdered people.

More Biden Hyperbole

This one tops em all. So far.

He got 81 million votes?