A look back at the Trump presidency 2016.A look forward to the Trump presidency 2024

IF there were a way to constitutionally remove Joe from the office of President and certify the legit winner, Pres Trump,of the 2020 election i’d be behind it 100%. No doubt in my mind. The problem is i can’t think of a path; but then i’m not a lawyer and have no idea if such a path exists. The reality is-unless someone knows a way in 2020-we have to get behind Trump 2024.

Trump is the greatest President of my lifetime. He hit historical records with the U.S. economy bar none. He did things with the immigration crisis we had always been hoping for, almost singlehandedly, including building the wall. He had some policy to further implement had he been re-elected he would have. We know what that outcome was. #Trump2024

There are some areas [that i hear about frequently] where the President could have done better.They are likely right and we’re going to take a look at those. As i look at these it strikes me it’s a lot more complicated than it looks. It’s always easier to be an arm chair general than to be in the thick of battle.

Let’s consider his VP pick first and go down the line after that. Pence was a safe pick. He would help Trump carry the state of Indiana and that would help in the whole tri state area. Pence was well known as a Christian conservative appealing to the Evangelical support Trump needed. Pence would also help pull in some of the more traditional establishment Republicans who didn’t quite trust Trump because they didn’t really know Trump at the time. Pence had never made too many waves with anyone [save the issue of same sex marriage] and there was no big scandal on the horizon with him. He was squeaky clean so to speak. Kind of an offset to Trump’s one time image as a playboy in NY. The pick made sense at the time. What we didn’t know about Pence is that the reason he was so low key-which Trump needed-is because he was also one not to rock the boat much either. It’s usually the case with people like Pence. They’re not going to take too many leaps into the unknown. He may have also been too establishment. Too close to the McConnell wing of the Republican party. In the end he either didn’t have the courage to stand up and do the right thing or he was a back stabber all along. Doesn’t matter which one ;his political career is over and Trump is definitely not going to put him on the ticket again anyway.

Mark Meadows was a good guy but Trump would have done better with someone like a Jim Jordan. You don’t need ‘good guys’ in DC. You need rattlesnakes who can strike when threatened. I’m not suggesting anyone evil and corrupt. Quite the contrary* but they have to be ready to take on the Deep State and Meadows was not that guy.

Now that the term Deep State has come up let’s talk about it. It’s real, it’s important and has everything to do with the Trump presidency.

Before we do i have to say this; Trump put together one of the best economic teams bar none. Plus they were loyal and worked their butts off to implement Trump’s economic policies. If the Republicans in Congress would have–if they could have–supported Trump’s economic policies through legislation can you imagine where our economy would be now! As good as it was under Trump-the historical records he set-can you imagine the records that still could have been set. His policies probably got us through the downturn due to the pandemic. i’d hate to think where we’d be now without the foundation he built.

You have to give him and his team credit. Trump spent his life in the private sector. He knew what it would take to get the economy where it should have been. The problem with too many politicians-like Biden,Obama & Bush- they spend their whole lives IN politics. They don’t have a clue how it works in the real world. Trump was a billionaire. He had some ups and downs [yes, even bankruptcy] but overall you have to say he was a success. He didn’t get there by wishful thinking.

Sometime this month, we’ll take a look at how the corrupt sleazy imbecile became a ‘success’.

Now let’s get into that dark and dank Deep State. i’d love to stay on the bright, upbeat and cheery side but we can’t.

Schumer was honest for once.

Now combine Obama, Hillary & Biden with Pelosi and Schumer.

Remember, Hillary was supposed to win in 2016. She had the election wrapped up hands down. I expected a Bush-Clinton race early on and then Trump came down the escalator. Game changer.

Hillary had to win the election. She knew where all the bodies were buried. How far would they go to ensure a win? Ask yourself how corrupt Obama, Hillary and Biden were to begin with.

Their downfall was thinking they had it wrapped up. They were sure they were corrupt enough that Trump simply couldn’t win. They didn’t make that mistake with Biden and the pandemic dropped an opportunity into their laps. My thinking is that they would have pulled the same crap without the crisis but it certainly made it easier.

Even Hillary asked the question: why didn’t they do for her what they did for Biden? Obvious Hillary. They didn’t think they had to. They were going to make sure he didn’t win this time.

One thing you have to remember. The media is always on their side. It’s an extension of the Democrat party. They do propaganda and gaslight the public.

They’ll accuse the other side of what the Dems are actually doing. They can get the public to look over there, while they’re doing the nasty all along.

Unfortunately for Trump, the old adage[said this a zillion times] that ‘if you want a friend in DC/politics you get a dog’, holds true.Some people seek office for the right reasons. Once you’re there,once you get entreched, once you want to stay in power and become a bona fide politician that’s a whole different ball game. These are the people who could easily turn on Trump.

I’ve watched Trump pretty closely since the day he became candidate Trump. I even dug into his past. Keep in mind,most of this is conjecture, opinion only. Some will be fact based.

FACT: when Trump says America First he means it. It’s not a slogan. He’s been saying the same things about our country for years and there’s videos to prove it. From interviews with Oprah Winfrey to testimony before Congress his positions have never changed. His biggest gripe has always been how we let our country get ripped off by other countries. He was never a fan of NAFTA. He has always respected the working class and the regular folks.

The world of business he lives in means you deal with all kinds of people. I think in that sense he’s pretty savvy. It’s why he knows not to humiliate certain world leaders publicly while being tough policy wise privately or conversely to be tough publicly AND privately. He knows when to use the carrot and when to use the stick. It worked very well in foreign policy where he could have a direct affect.

Trump has this quality where he gives people the benefit of the doubt. It’s a good quality but didn’t serve him well in the swamp. DC is the last place on earth you give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Again(it bears repeating),it’s easy to be an arm chair general ; he was in the thick of the battle. Find one or two good people who will really have your back. I hate to say it’s come down to that.

Who could he have worked with in Washington? Reality check: McConnell is the Republican minority leader in the Senate and McCarthy is the leader in the House. Pelosi is the Speaker and then you have Schumer. He has limited control over these choices. It’s what he was stuck with and had to work with or around them.

And then you have the totally corrupt. Obama, Hillary, Biden, the media, the intel community(including the FBI) plus the State and Justice Departments and the Democrat party itself. Remember what they did to Bernie and what they let Hillary get away with.

Trump knew the election was rigged on his side. He knew it was also rigged on the Democrat side and tried to warn Bernie. Trump fought on. Bernie threw in the towel. Besides, all the Democrats, [even Bernie] rally behind their candidate. The one thing you can say for their people, they stick together no matter what. Even the ones that make a little noise now and then, fall right in line at the end. Truth be told, Bernie probably didn’t care once she got the nomination. He’d get behind her.

Trump nominated Sessions for his DOJ. Sessions was a good egg. He stuck his neck out for Trump early on,when not too many people did.He probably helped Trump win Alabama too. Trump gave Sessions the position he dreamed of but as good a person as Sessions was & how well he worked in the Senate it did not translate well into the position he got. Sessions was great on the immigration issue-he and Trump were simpatico on immigration reform from the very beginning-but the Deep State was biting at Sessions heels and he just wasn’t capable of having a spine when he really needed it. He caved and recused himself. It was downhill from there.

The next pick was Barr. A lot of good people had faith in Bill Barr. i had a good impression of him at first. We should have realized he was a Bush guy and might not have been the best choice.He was as strong on human trafficking-again simpatico with Trump- as Sessions was on immigration but when it came time to stand up for Pres. Trump he went MIA.

Now the 3rd choice that was definitely a mistake was Christopher Wray at the FBI and i understand Chris Christie[all you need to know]recommended him. What a piece of trash this guy is. Trump would have had to meet him. Wray probably made a good impression on Trump. That’s what people do when they want a job. You always try to put your best foot forward at an interview. As soon as he testified before Congress with his pal Rod RODENTstein he had bad news written all over him. Trump should have fired Wray.i’d like to get inside Trump’s head someday and find out why he didn’t. Maybe there was a reason we weren’t aware of.

There was one stellar pick Trump made and we’ll see how well that went over. He became Acting Attorney General when Sessions recused himself.  

Matt Whitaker was fantastic but the ACTING Attorney General can only be a temporary fill. From the minute Trump gave him the spot he had a target on his back. A big one. They wanted him out. All you need to know. He was not a deep state actor by a long shot and if you weren’t in that club or willing{or weak enough like Sessions} to go along you were in their sights. This is what Trump had to contend with. They would destroy the people on his side. Totally destroy in some cases.The power of the Federal government is immense.

You and i would never stand a chance against them. Trump survived by sheer determination, the protections of his office and sometimes by the skin of his teeth. His associates and supporters didn’t always fare so well. As soon as you were known as a loyal Trump supporter you became a target. Hope Hicks was a good egg. They took her out. They went after a lot of good people.They are so corrupt they will totally destroy your life if they have to.

This is what Pres Trump was up against. The only way Trump wins is if we-his base-stick with him through thick and thin. It’s why they are so intent on destroying his base. They would give anything for his supporters to turn on him. It’s one thing to go after a few targets;it’s quite another to deal with 74 million plus. We have to stick together. i think we all know it too. The enemy isn’t at the gate. The enemy is in the gate.

We know Biden didn’t win. You don’t need an audit to find the obvious. They have to do the audits though for the sake of verifiable concrete evidence.

Trump has another quality for better or ill. The one side of Trump gives people the benefit of the doubt. Once he finds out you actually betrayed him he is relentless. It puts some people off. You either see it as his being nasty or you see it as him turning warrior. Given everything we are up against, i’m for the warrior.

We have Marxists trying to destroy our country. Who cares about his ‘mean’ tweets.

I remember something he said in his CPAC 2021 speech that stuck with me. He candidly admitted to being a flawed man but after his experience in DC he realized how corrupt some people were-as he put it, as bad as he was these people were worse. He wasn’t saying he was corrupt. He was basically saying his eyes were opened. These people were corrupt.My eyes were opened too. The Deep State was wider, deeper and more sinister than i had imagined. I keep hoping there are a few good souls left.

*as a Catholic i have to admit all our saints were warriors in the battle for Christ but there was also Joan of Arc who was an actual warrior on the battlefield.

St Michael the archangel is not depicted with a harp either.

St. Jeanne d’Arc at the Siege of Orléans by Jules Eugène Lenepveu

Question for the rank & file Dems, liberals, lefties & other Biden supporters

Did you like being lied to about Russian collusion? Feel good that you were duped about the hoax? They pulled the wool over your eyes for 3 yrs. ‘They’ used here will be referring to the media.

They were gaslighting you over Trump’s Charlottesville comment and might i add-STILL ARE. You like being considered that gullible?

Trump NEVER called the Neo Nazi’s and White Supremacists good people.

A few moments later, in case there would be any misunderstanding, he makes his meaning even more explicit.

“…I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists. They should be condemned totally.”


They used the misquote over and over to paint Trump as a racist and/or Nazi sympathizer, or both . To this day some people still use it.

The worst gaslighting they ever did was by their silence.

Trump said he was spied on. People said he was nuts.

Trump said Covid-19 could have come from the Wuhan lab. Again they claimed he was crazy.

He banned travel from China and later on Europe. They said he was xenophobic.

They censored the NY Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop & later claimed it was hacked by the Russian’s.The receipt from the repair shop clearly had Hunter’s signature it.

If the media insulted my intelligence like that i’d have dropped them a long time ago. What i considered the most egregious gaslighting-besides the Russia hoax- was the Russian bounty on American soldier’s story. Fortunately that one was short lived but it was out there long enough for the damage to be done.

Did you fall for the Roger Stone house raid? The swat team arrives with guns drawn at the home of 2 unarmed senior citizens. CNN carries it live.

Roger and his wife were arrested like this for what? CNN just happened to be there. You’re buying that aren’t you.

You must feel very special that the cable news networks [who support Biden] think you’re one really stupid person who will believe anything they tell you OR they know you don’t care.

Which is worse- that they pull this crap off or you fall for it every time? i like to listen to commentators/journalists who respect their viewers enough to give them the truth, report the facts and let them make up our own minds.

Tucker reveals new information on why Hunter Biden’s case was buried. You’re willing to let them do this to you? You’re willing to stick up for them?

Everything Joe Says IS hyperbole

Whether Joe is whispering into a mic for effect or claiming something he says is NOT hyperbole- that means, it IS hyperbole.

Everything Joe says is hyperbole, unless he is mumbling something so unintelligible that even he can’t understand himself; then he says he will be in trouble because he wasn’t supposed to say anything. He always says that when he gets lost. He uses it as a way out.

His calling the Capitol Breach on Jan 6 as bad as the Civil War is the worst example of Joe’s tendency to use hyperbole to date. Is it possible Joe doesn’t comprehend what he’s talking about? Does he know anything about the Civil War?

The left totally ignores the insurrection that began against Trump in 2017 and ended in 2021. They called Antifa/BLM mostly peaceful protests and Joe called Antifa an idea. Someone better tell Joe his idea murdered people.

More Biden Hyperbole

This one tops em all. So far.

He got 81 million votes?