There was no insurrection on Jan 6, The Democrats called for defunding the police, there’s no voter surpression-they’re called laws to prevent cheating/fraud and protect YOUR vote.Hello…

The insurrection started with BLM/ANTIFA in 2020 and there were threats for more hell raising if Trump won re-election. You saw BLM/ANTIFA burning down cities,attacking businesses and people, police officers and federal buildings. They took over the whole city of Portland then erected Chaz. They threatened to take down the government and destroy our whole system. That’s an insurrection.

What happened on Jan 6 might have been a riot-at the least a mob but a far cry from an insurrection . The whole idea is asinine. You’d have to be extremely stupid to think that was an insurrection. I watched the whole rally via livestream. Trump incited nothing. He asked that the folks march peacefully down to the Capitol building. Period. It was a huge rally. They could have shut down the whole of DC given the size of the crowd. Pelosi and Schumer are nuts. Explain insurrection to them. They’re good at throwing a word around and making wild accusations. BLM/ ANTIFA were actively engaged in an insurrection with the blessings of the Democrats and media. Why? Simple. Trump was President.

The Democrats have been calling for the defunding of police for a year at least. It was all they were doing. Some Democrat run cities already started defunding the police. Remember, we were supposed to send social workers in to handle crimes and Biden said cops should shoot people in the leg. He’s an imbecile.

Now the Dems are trying to claim the Republicans called for defunding the police and Joe’s campaign was based on support of the police. Holy crap, they think people are stupid & have short memories. Tell you what i’ll do. Tomorrow i’ll scour the internet and bet i can post a dozen or MORE videos of Democrats calling for defunding the police.

Voter laws: ID. The same kind of ID we use for other transactions. You have to be who you say you are. If you don’t have a driver’s license you can use the last 4 numbers of your social security number. Both of these are common practices anymore.

You can still do absentee ballots. You can still vote in person but it must be in your precinct. We’ve done that for years and i’m sure you have too.

Have a change of address? You must vote at the polling station where you are currently located-not where you voted before. Here’s some useful information:

There are poll watchers. One Democrat, One Republican. Also, You cannot go to a polling station or be a poll watcher and harass the voters. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

None of this is complicated or impossible. Most of us have voted for years. We know how to vote.

You have to be a legal citizen. You have to be a registered voter. You have to be 18 yr of age or older. You have to vote in your own polling station and you can only vote once. .Nothing new under the sun here. The Democrat party is only interested in how they can cheat. We’re only interested in having our own vote count.