The Insurrection of 2017 – 2020 Against the Trump Administration


ANTIFA Plan Nationwide Riots On Nov. 4th To Forcibly Remove Trump.

Here’s their message with stated goal.

ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017:

We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

We know where the Democrat party stood in regards to Antifa. They shared the same goal.

If you had an account at Twitter you know you could count on Impeach Trump, Step Down Trump, Quit Trump, Trump Resign,Resist or the Resistance trending every day rotating between hashtags. You remember the Resistance?

Hillary identified herself with the movement.

The Resistance was a subversive movement of the left meant to undermine the Trump administration.


Antifa taking to the streets. This is what an insurrection looks like. When they tell you their intentions are to overthrow the government and remove a sitting President-believe them. They’re admitting it.

What you have here is collusion between the Democrat party, Obama operatives, ANTIFA/BLM and the media in an Insurrection with the intended goal of getting President Trump out of office. At the least it was meant to undermine his administration.

Antifa, to be clear, does not have direct ties to the Democrat party. As far as i can tell anyway,but it doesn’t have to. Silence is support.

Pres Trump warned Joe Biden at the debates.

“Antifa is a dangerous radical group and you ought to be careful with them, they’ll overthrow you” 

Trump designated Antifa a domestic terrorist group

Portland Oregon was the worst of the nightly rioting probably because Mayor Ted Wheeler was willing to look the other way.

When they do acknowledge the violence, they shift the narrative to a partisan Democratic talking point: President Trump is to blame! Trump had the audacity to send federal law enforcement officers to protect federal property in Portland and Seattle.

In the Rose City, the criminal agitators have been unrelenting in their assault against the property and the officers inside. This, too, is being blamed on Trump—even though the nightly violence unfolded for weeks prior to federal agents’ arrival.

liberal activists told Democrat Party propagandist Ronald Brownstein that if there were recounts after the election, Democrat voters would take to the streets and rampage through cities in riots the like of which the nation has never seen.

The beginning of the insurrection was to get Trump out of office.The threat of a 2nd uprising was meant to keep Trump from getting re-elected. This was a REAL insurrection. The left is lying about Jan 6. They know it doesn’t even come close.

Anyone been charged with Insurrection?

When the President and his family is in the White House and they have to be whisked away to the bunker for their own safety you’re darned right it’s an insurrection. The left reported Trump had Lafayette Park Park cleared for a photo op when the area was cleared because of the insurrectionists trying to burn down St John’s church the night before. The media are liars. How long would it have taken them to fact check themselves? They didn’t because they wanted their lie to go viral.

So now they want us to believe the Capitol breach was an insurrection?

A one day event with unarmed people is an insurrection? Piss poor insurrection if you ask me; but according to Joe worse than the Civil War.

He really is an imbecile. He’s definitely NOT the President. He’s not in charge of his own faculties and he’s supposed to be in charge of the security and safety of the whole country? I don’t think so. Who’s pulling his strings?

“And during the violent riots last summer and this spring, which involved looting, arson and even murder in multiple cities over the course of several months, and where Antifa and BLM had prominent organizational roles, the Democrat party’s leadership regurgitated the rhetoric and claims of the anarchist/Marxist groups and rioters, including the broad condemnation of law enforcement as “systemically racist”…[they]declared the rioters as “mostly peaceful’ and their demand to “defund the police.”

American Marxism,Mark Levin, Chapter 1 “It’s Here” page 7

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Levin then notes a BLM cofounder made it clear their goal was to “get Trump out now.” He also points out the known fact that Biden staffers donated to a fund to pay the rioters bail. This was definitely a Democrat/Biden supported insurrection. There is no other word that fits it more. Jan 6,2021 was NOT an insurrection.

You need an audit?

at least the Democrats could see what he needed to win

They must have been busy little beavers.🦫🦫🦫🦫🦫

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