“WE CAUGHT THEM”: New Evidence Shows Ballots WERE Indeed Scanned and Counted MULTIPLE Times

Nwo Report


New bombshell evidence around the 2020 presidential election confirms many people’s worst fears.

Ballots appear to have been scanned MULTIPLE times.


Before the “fact checkers” attempt to fact check us, let us be very clear:

This is new video evidence.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2020 election, there were videos showing that ballots were scanned multiple times.

But Democrats defended those videos.


They claimed that the ballots were scanned multiple times because the “machines didn’t read it properly the first time.”

They assured us that the votes were only counted once.

Now, we have video evidence PROVING otherwise.

Each time the ballots were scanned, they were counted again and again and again!

See the video evidence for yourself:

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