Looking in from the Outside – at My Beloved Cuba

The Spirit of Zion

Looking in from the outside, it feels half a world away, like I know nothing at all of the lives of millions of Cubans struggling for freedom and liberation from the grips of absolute despotism and tyranny, but in reality, she is just 90 miles south of my native homeland. I am an American, born and raised in sunny South Florida, in Miami, which I also lovingly call “Cuba: Part II.” My mother is Cuban, born in Havana, and my grandparents are Cuban from Pinal del Rio and Matanzas. My roots are Cuban, and I was raised by Cubans, good and decent people who loved me and never let me forget for a second where my maternal side is from. My grandmother, of blessed memory, always told me stories from her life in Cuba, as tears fell from her eyes. And as the years went by, when she left us…

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