I would like to report suspicious behavior

The FBI over the weekend released a call for Americans to report “suspicious behaviors” and “signs of mobilization to violence,” in an effort to prevent “homegrown violent extremism.”

The agency tweeted on Sunday: “Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit https://go.usa.gov/x6mjf to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI. #NatSec.”

Source: https://www.newsmax.com/us/fbi-extremism-national-security-terrorism/2021/07/12/id/1028291/

The suspicious behavior is Joe Biden and the weaponized IC including the FBI. We need some whistleblowers willing to expose the anti American attacks on our republic including the coup of 2020.

I remember after 9/11 the public was told, “if you see something,say something”. It was good advice. Some terrorist plots were thwarted thanks to the keen eye of average citizens.

If this is what the FBI means-i’m there. I don’t want to see any American citizens regardless of party or position harmed or killed.

On the other hand if you think i’m going to be a snitch just because someone opposes Biden or his anti American policies your thinking is way off.

Snitch on my family? Isn’t that how the KGB operated in the USSR? For one, my parents passed away at least 10 yrs ago. They were dyed in the wool Democrats. They were not terribly involved in politics. They attended the Democrats local fundraisers and voted. They impressed on us the importance of voting. My grandfather served in WWI. My father served in WWII. My son served under Republican and Democrat presidents. All good people who loved their country.

More than i can say for Biden and his corrupt family. You want someone to investigate? Start with the people involved in spygate against President Trump. Try Joe Biden and his sleazy son Hunter; their dealings with China,Russia and Ukraine.

When we were in grade school we were taught the evils of communism/marxism. We were proud of our country and said the pledge of allegiance with hand over heart every morning. You couldn’t have told me then, that one day there would be a coup in the United States of America and a Marxist puppet would be installed as President-Joe Biden-while the Democrats would accuse everyone else of what they were guilty of. So you’ll excuse me if i’m a little angry over your stupid request when BLM, Antifa and other truly extremist radicals are getting away with murder.

I was not at the Trump rally in DC nor did i know anyone there. I certainly wish i could have been there but i watched a live stream from my computer. I have Meniere’s Disease and the chances of my going anywhere-let alone DC-are slim to none. Besides, my husband was ‘recuping’ from open heart surgery. We don’t have the income to afford travel even if either of us could. I clearly heard Pres Trump ask the crowd to march peacefully to the Capitol.

i have never seen 1 Trump rally-and i’ve watched them all-break into violence except the violence they were attacked with for attending. There was no insurrection at the Capitol. Maybe a riot; at the least an unruly mob. i do know the people who were arrested are entitled to due process whatever they might be charged with. We don’t have political prisoners in this country. At least last i knew. When did that change?

So this is what we’re supposed to snitch for? Sounds like it to me.

How about Antifa/BLM [BOTH Marxist groups] who advocated for the overthrow of our government, the very definition of an insurrection? They spent all of 2020 burning down cities, attacking innocent civilians, committing all sorts of crimes; assault, arson, looting, murder, attacking law enforcement for their insurrection.

You know as well as i do that’s fact.

i know there’s people in the IC who didn’t like Pres Trump. Newsflash: it’s not the job of the FBI to decide who the American people should vote for. It’s definitely not the job of the FBI to be plotting how they can interfere in an election & prevent the American people from electing the person of THEIR choice.

We had a lot of respect for the FBI when i was growing up.A shame what has happened just in the last few years.

We were taught to respect law enforcement, the military and the office of President regardless of party. Keep this in mind too- i don’t condone violence . Never have, never will. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Biden thinks we need snitches. No, what we need are some good and decent people in government, especially the FBI,willing to be whistleblowers.