Dear Joe,i know you have dementia. Have someone explain this to you

Don’t have your FBI spy on my text messages. Waste of time. i don’t use a cell phone. I find them annoying and hard to use. Sorry, never got the hang of em. I use a desktop for anything internet related. Spy here if you like but it’d be just as stupid. Everything i write is public. Everything i think about politics is here. I don’t see any reason to hide it. We live in a country that protects freedom of speech. There is nothing for you to fear from free speech. There is no civil war on the horizon Joe. You’re paranoid. Maybe it’s your dementia affecting your judgement. Thank God, Pres Trump thought highly of the American people and had more faith in them than you do.

I still support Donald Trump and am convinced he won the 2020 election in a landslide.Do i support an insurrection? Hell no!!!! Do i support free and fair elections? Darned right. Election integrity matters.

My heroes are first and foremost my dad. He served our country in WWII. Thank God he came home alive. i wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. He was overseas in his time to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. Got that? He and mom were lifelong Democrats. Yes,i voted Democrat more than a few times. I eventually became more conservative-we were Kennedy Democrats back when. Just so you know i opposed the Vietnam war but i never rioted or joined the Weather Underground or SDS. i joined no political groups to protest the war.

My other heroes are Pope John Paul II, now a canonized Saint in the Catholic Church. Reagan, Trump (obviously),Dan Bongino,Tucker Carlson, Rudy Guilliani, Thomas Sowell, Andrew Breitbart, Mark Levin, Larry Elder(running for Governor of California now)and God rest his soul, Herman Cain. Our founding fathers are my heroes but that goes without saying. My mother was my greatest heroine.

I don’t look upon any of these people as gods. They’re flawed human beings like all of us.

Do i believe you were elected President? Nope. Are you in the White House as a certified President? Yes, and i respect the office of President, something we were taught to do growing up.

When Obama was President-a man i didn’t vote for-i would read threats against his life and his family. If they looked serious i made a point of reporting it to the FBI. To this day i believe Obama was a terrible & corrupt President-just like you- but i would still report threats on his life & his family to the FBI. If you’re on social media at all you’re going to see comments like that. It’s hard to asses if the person is just a blow hard or the real deal but if you check them out you can get a pretty good idea. I will never report anyone for disagreement, protest, even hatred no matter how vile the comments against a public official are-conservative or liberal-but there is a line you don’t cross. i get it. My rights end with your nose. Not complicated.

i have never met a conservative who has advocated for violence. PERIOD. i have read comments by liberals on social media who wholeheartedly support it. BLM/ANTIFA are domestic terrorist groups who engage in violence.

Are there militia groups out there? i don’t doubt it for a minute. There’s nothing illegal about a militia group. The right to assemble and to keep & bear arms are protected rights. In fact,the right to bear arms is not to be infringed upon. Are they domestic terrorists? I have to admit i don’t know enough about any one group to answer that question. Sorry, not very knowledgeable in that regard. I’m not all that knowledgeable regarding any group but i do try to stay informed. It’s important to be informed. I honestly feel it’s our civic duty; at the least it’s to our own benefit.

Most-not all- of the acts of domestic terrorism i’ve witnessed over the years are lone wolves. The Weather Underground and Black Panthers of the 60’s were an exception. BLM and Antifa are remarkably similar to those 2 groups. I have not read the manifesto of any militia groups to know where they stand. I could be wrong but from what i’ve seen and heard they don’t strike me as one monolithic group.

BLM and ANTIFA have the same God given rights we all do but i see they were trying to overthrow the government in 2020 and that Mr. Biden is the very definition of insurrection. BLM is a Marxist group. Antifa is Anarchist. They can meet on common ground for wanting to overthrow the government of the United States and destroy our current system. They part company in the end game. BLM Marxism is looking for total[state]government control and no individual God given rights. Anarchists want no government at all. It’s basically every man for himself resulting in chaos and lawlessness. Portland Oregon is the perfect example of how they operate. Not good.

We ALL know about the KKK and neo Nazi groups. It’s not like the American people are signing up for either one of them. You don’t have to read a manifesto to know what they’re about. They’re both racist. i don’t know a single conservative who supports either group. IMHO either group has its share of people on the far left and far right-another words, they’re fringe actors. Unfortunately the Democrat party has an element of anti Semitism we need to be very concerned about. We promised, “never again“. Let’s keep our word.

The history of the Democrat party is nothing to write home about.

They founded the KKK, supported Jim Crow and segregation. Didn’t you support segregation at one time?

I’ll sum this up by saying the IC has a right to be concerned about domestic terrorism. It’s their job to protect the citizens of our country. Whether the terrorism is inflicted by BLM,ANTIFA, the KKK, Neo Nazi’s, a militia group or a lone wolf. The worst is not a group-it’s the lone wolf that we can’t always see coming.

What our government doesn’t have the right to do is make up hit lists of their political opponents and spy on American citizens. What our government doesn’t have the right to do is collude with corporations and/or big tech to ban and censor political opponents; disagreements over policy or ideology. Your administration has been doing a lot of things it doesn’t have the right to do. I’m not talking about bad policy. I’m talking about unconstitutional acts. Two different things.

I’m not an insurrectionist. i have never advocated for violence and never will. i would never incite a riot or participate in one. My husband & i are not the healthiest people. We’re happy just to be able to get through our daily lives. I’m proud of my parents(and miss them terribly), my country, President Trump, our military where we had 3 generations serving; my grandfather in WWI, father in WWII and my son who joined straight out of high school. However, when i see our government acting out of its constitutional boundaries and becoming Marxist i’m going to speak up about it.

i want to see the freedom i was blessed to grow up with handed down to my grandchildren, as ALL patriots do.

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