Barr is probably lying. McSwain is groveling.

Barr’s response to the letter of McSwain sounds possible except for one thing. Barr sat on his big behind and let all the perpetrators of spygate skate by.Not one was ever held accountable. Tells me everything i need to know about Bill Barr.

McSwain notes in his letter that he only did what Barr said because he was ‘following orders’. He notes his Marine service taught him that. He’s groveling to get Trump’s endorsement. If you’re given a choice between following orders and doing the right thing,right thing wins every time.McSwain is saying it’s Barr’s fault. Let’s man up and take responsibility for our own actions McSwain. Barr can answer for himself.

I might even believe Bill Barr’s response were it not for his lack of concern about spygate and his decision not to even look at possible election fraud in the 2020 election. Barr didn’t have to agree with Pres Trump’s- and others by the way- allegation that the election was stolen by fraud. His response to McSwain was that he didn’t want the allegations investigated, period.

Barr was fantastic when it came to human/sex trafficking. i’ll give him that. He was aggressive in his pursuit, especially when it came to the protection of minors. He and Pres Trump made it a priority to put an end to the evil of trafficking and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Everything you need to know about the efforts are reported here:

When it came to spygate-the illegal activities of the FBI,DOJ et al- and election fraud allegations Barr was MIA. You would have thought Barr would be anxious to clean house and shut down government corruption. Not so much. For that reason alone i believe McSwain is telling the truth.