You’re Black/Brown?

You’re my brother & sister. We may or may not become good friends- i don’t become good friends with every white person i know either. If we get along, then we’re friends. My husband & i don’t even get along 7 days a week and we’re still in the same house with each other after 20 some years.

You have every right and reason to be proud of your heritage and all the accomplishments of your ancestors. You have every right and reason to be proud of the Civil Rights movement of Rev. Martin Luther King and the people who galvanized with him. Malcom X,even as radical as he was, made some darned good points. Truth is truth no matter where it comes from. We don’t have to accept a whole ideology & join a particular movement to recognize a truthful statement.

On the other hand it drives me crazy to see young people wearing their Che t-shirts and hanging up Che posters. He was a murderer and thug. A fascist. I’m not down with the revolution.

You have every right and reason to be proud of the intellectuals, sports figures, artists & leaders of the black community who have made a major impact on American Society. [Thomas Sowell among them].

You have every right and reason to be proud that in a short period of time(relatively speaking)a black Senator rose to the office of President and was elected not once, but twice. i couldn’t bring myself to vote for him because of his policies and ideology but no one can ever take away his historical election. I was stuck with 2 of the worst candidates that ran against him. I plugged my nose and voted for both of them. I should have stayed home. i regret that Herman Cain did not get the distinction that Obama did.I was going to vote for him when someone pulled some dirt on him and he dropped out. Broke my heart. He was a good man. God rest his soul and look out for his family. So sad that we lost him.

I’m convinced that most of us get along just fine. Most of us,not all of us. There will always be pockets of bigotry of one kind or another. I’m also convinced we’re put on this earth to help each other out and that you, as Americans, do not need a white ‘savior.’ i don’t mean save as in salvation. We have a savior and His name is Jesus. I mean savior in a general sense.

We do need to be able to count on each other, as Americans, in tough times and celebrate with each other in good times.

I don’t get up every morning thinking about race and i’d bet the farm neither do you. We’re busy with our lives.

NOT down with the revolution, like BLM/Antifa,Marxism,Che or Mao. Not down with creepy Joe, the installed puppet. Not down with a race war or destroying a nation of laws. Blessed to be born in the United States of America & grateful to God for the privilege. Down with that.