Feds Admit ‘Fully Constructed U.S. Capitol Lego Set’ Seized As Evidence by FBI Was Actually Just In A Box

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Source:Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

The FBI lied about seizing a “fully constructed US Capitol Lego set” from an alleged Jan 6 Capitol protester in order to justify holding him under indefinite detention, federal prosecutors’ latest court filing revealed. 

“In original detention memoranda, the undersigned stated that law enforcement found a ‘fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set,’ ” thenew filingstates. “Please note that after a review of the photographs from the search, there appears to have been a miscommunication and that statement appears to be inaccurate. The Lego set was in a box and not fully constructed at the time of the search, as pictured below.”

No Relief for Lego Man or Other January 6 Detainees
Prospects look dim for those caught up in Merrick Garland’s Capitol protest witch hunt.

By Julie Kelly | July 8, 2021

Joe Biden’s Justice Department wants the Lego Man kept behind…

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