New Page Coming-MAGA Candidates

For too long we have elected candidates who run Republican,vote Democrat. We had some real rats exposed during the Trump presidency. Some of them willing to vote impeachment; others were MIA when the going got tough. Plenty who were just old fashioned backstabbers.

Why Mitch McConnell is still the minority leader is beyond me. He couldn’t lead a turtle race.

I decided a separate page would be better to highlight the candidates than have them get lost in the blog posts. Many of the candidates will be people President Trump has personally endorsed. One thing about Donald John Trump is when he decides to take the gloves off he means business. You know exactly where he stands.

He’s like most of us. He’s willing to give people a chance and sometimes he’s given even the worst the benefit of the doubt. We’d all like to think people are what they say they are. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. I see now that the President is ready to do some house cleaning and get some great candidates-some of them up and coming-to fight for us.

I’ll have to do some searching for links to their websites so we can support them. Once the page is put together i’ll be publishing and add it to the menu or side bar to access. Will make an announcement when it’s ready to go.

I wish i had more time to put in here. The best days are Saturdays and Sundays. The rest of the week i’m a little too tied up to invest the kind of time i’d like. We all have things going on outside the cyber world. It’s called life.We’re not all liberal basement dwellers.

Before i post an entry a lot of time is spent searching the internet for good stories and I do have to read them. Other times there’s a topic i feel passionate enough about to comment on or write at length about.

You have to know the MAGA agenda and pro life issues are the ones i feel most passionate about. Plus i am absolutely determined that President Trump is re-elected in 2024. He earned it in 2020. Now we’re stuck with a man who is, for all intents and purposes, a President in name only. I keep thinking; they cheated us for this? They couldn’t have done it with a better candidate? Someone who was at least cognizant. Everyone knows Joe has dementia. If they don’t, they’re either blind or they don’t care. Trump worked his butt off. Joe sat in his bunker. The fix was in.

Joe didn’t have to campaign.

They aren’t going to get away with it again!

Anyway,there will be a new page in the very near future. We have some fantastic candidates to support. MAGA candidates. I’m excited to be pulling this together for you.

YouTube deletes video on Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit, blocks his CPAC speech from the platform | Just The News

YouTube deleted the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) video featuring former President Trump announcing his class-action lawsuit against Big Tech, citing an alleged violation of its COVID-19 terms and conditions.

Source: YouTube deletes video on Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit, blocks his CPAC speech from the platform | Just The News

Knew they would do this. They just keep proving his case.