(1788) JUST IN: Jim Jordan endorses Trump for 2024, RAILS against Cancel Culture in CPAC 2021 speech – YouTube

Here’s the truth. Pres Trump won re-election in 2020 by a landslide. The Democrats know it. I know it. You know it. It’s why they banned him on Twitter and Facebook. It’s why they tried to impeach him after they illegally removed him from office in 2020. It’s exactly why it’s the one topic you cannot talk about without being censored. Biden didn’t win. Anyone who saw how he campaigned compared to how Trump campaigned knows darned well there’s no way on earth he won, let alone with the most votes of any President in history-and more of the black vote than Obama. It’s all a lie.

Trump won, Biden was installed. It was a coup. Just as soon as Biden was installed and the Democrats were back in session they actually had the nerve to try and FEDERALIZE elections so they could cheat in the next elections the same way they did in 2020. It’s too obvious. They gave themselves away with the bill HR1. If it worked once, why not try it again? Once the forensic audits are done we will be vindicated. Biden is not the President. Yes, he was installed. The coup was successful. I know it’s disheartening. Biden shouldn’t be there. We can’t give up though. Take heart because we know what the truth is and they have to live a lie. I’d rather be on our side in spite of how it worked out. Remember, it took their being corrupt to get there. I’m ready to vote out the scum come 2022 and elect Pres Trump for a third time in 2024. They are not going to get away with cheating again. Their defeat in 2024 will be our greatest cause for celebration. They don’t have much to celebrate do they? Biden? I don’t think so.

We can take pride in the fact that we won against all odds in 2016 and won honestly in 2020. There’s no pride in the treason the Democrats engaged in to get Trump out of office and Biden in. They should be ashamed. They’re not, of course. We have the truth and one day history will record it.

I can’t wait to vote in 2022 and 24. We get our beloved country back and our beloved President again. Jim Jordan wasn’t afraid to say that. It’s happened before. Grover Cleveland.