@MartyrMade a HUGE thanks to Dan Bongino for bringing his thread to our attention. Worth it.

i wish i knew how to embed the whole thread instead of having to embed tweet by tweet. For the sake of time i decided to grab a few that would most encapsulate what the thread was about. If you have a twitter account i highly recommend reading the whole thread. It’s worth it. The liberals weren’t too crazy about it and thought they could pick it apart.

They didn’t come close. Actually they couldn’t deny the facts at all and there were plenty. They took another tact. For instance one tweet responded that it was insane. He didn’t disprove the facts. He tried to blow them off instead.

Unfortunately a lot of the libs that were reading the thread probably had no idea any of the corruption in the FBI actually took place.I bet some of them still think Trump is a Russian agent.

There were some people who tweeted they weren’t Trump supporters and they didn’t write it off at all. However, the @destroyideas guy is more representative of the liberal response. They see it as “b.s.” but they can’t disprove it and don’t try.

There is such a thing as invincible ignorance meaning ignorance a person is unable to overcome. An example of that would be living in a communist state where access to certain information is either limited or non existent and you are definitely not able to get to the truth.

This is not true of the spygate story. If you do your homework you can get just about all the information you need; at least enough to know the basic facts.

Either they don’t bother or they don’t know where to look. Regardless it’s not invincible ignorance at all. It is ignorance that CAN be overcome.

I, for one, never believed the Trump collusion story. It was just too outrageous to buy into. Why would Trump even bother to go all the way to Russia to hook up with prostitutes and when would he have had the time? He was very involved in a successful tv reality show.He’s also a known germaphobe and the activity described wouldn’t have been his cup of tea. Seriously, the whole dossier story was stupid and sick.

There wasn’t much Trump could do that wouldn’t come under scrutiny anyway, even when he wasn’t running for office.The whole weird story just happened to break as he was poised to win the nomination?

IMHO they thought the Billy Bush recording was the end of Trump. When it wasn’t they were really desperate. They were sure the huge Christian/Evangelical block would turn on him. They were sure he would lose the female vote too. It was the last batch of ammo they had. There wasn’t anything left and that was their best shot.

The whole Russia collusion thing didn’t pass the smell test. Trump was fined one hefty fine for refusing the take down an American flag over one of his golf courses.

Trump provided financial assistance to the 9/11 rescue in NY. Sound like someone who would collude with the Russians? When you listen to President Trump or attend one of his rallies and he says America First he means it.

I have proof that’s true but i’ll pass for now because i think most people know how he feels about the country. He wears it on his sleeve. Always has. So to believe that Trump would collude (whatever that means) with the Russians or Putin is ludicrous. There’s no such crime even if that were true; but the fact is the dossier was garbage. It was nothing more than a fabricated story used to try and take out Trump. You need proof? Just ask,k?

They would do anything to keep Trump out of office and to take him out if he actually (SHOCK)got there. Just like they would do anything to get Biden in come 2020, because frankly, they had to carry water for him.

For those who wondered if it could be true i don’t fault them. The story was in the media and the information was coming from our ‘trusted’ agencies. i didn’t believe it for a second and had no trust of supposedly trustworthy agencies either; not since Obama-Biden got hold of them.

Look at what Hillary did for Pete’s sake. She destroyed evidence under subpoena and the FBI director, Comey, blew it off. You try that and see what happens to you.

From CNN

FBI Director James Comey says that he would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, but he added Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” in handling classified information.


Right there was the first sign of absolute corruption in the FBI and DOJ combined with propaganda in our media. There was no reason to trust any of them again. Spygate put a ribbon on it.

The Deep State is real. They were all determined to keep Trump out of office and take him out if he made it. They would do anything to ensure Hillary Clinton’s 2016 win. When that failed they had to take him out. They believed the Russia Hoax, fake impeachments, the resistance, riots, Antifa/BLM would do it. In the end they decided they had to do whatever it would take to keep him from winning re-election. Covid gave them more cover than they could have hoped for. It fell in their laps.

They had it all planned out long before Nov 3,2020. You don’t dream up a scheme like they had at the last minute. They didn’t have a lot of time, but they definitely had enough.

My bet goes with Biden didn’t win and Trump had won in a landslide. They were going to make up the votes-no doubt in my mind-but even they didn’t know how wide a margin they would be dealing with. I’m going to assume they learned the margin was larger than they anticipated and boy did they have to roll!!

You can’t tell me that election passed the smell test. Any reasonable person would admit something was fishy about it.

YEP. No doubt in my mind.

President Trump will run in 2024. Vote in 2022. Get as many MAGA candidates as possible in the House and Senate. There might be a few fakes slipping by but if we can get as many as possible it will matter to 2024. We can’t stay home. Joe is weak. The media will have to carry water for him all the way to 2024 unless he’s replaced. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. You have to believe we can win. If you’re a person of faith inclined to pray, please pray that good people in our intelligence agencies and justice dept are willing to do what it takes to right the ship. There has to be more than the 1 whistleblower that went to Tucker Carlson. He can’t possibly be the only honest person of courage left in these agencies.Pray for them, pray for more.