Ep. 1558 Get Away From The Libs As Quickly As You Can – The Dan Bongino Show

Source: Ep. 1558 Get Away From The Libs As Quickly As You Can – The Dan Bongino Show

What the liberals don’t get is that if they can do it to President Trump,Tucker Carlson,Sharyl Attkisson and others they can do it to anyone. If the libs would just look back at history, where other people did the same things they’re doing, they would learn that it never turned out well for anyone. The useful idiots-people like them-paid the same price as everyone they were convinced to target.

Here’s some good advice. Read the Constitution. Learn what rights you have and how they are protected. Know the law and understand due process.

You called Donald Trump a tyrant, an authoritarian, fascist, dictator and of course Hitler and Nazi. Better open your woke little eyes. Did Trump have his political opponents banned from social media? Nope. Did Donald Trump have the swing states change election laws to benefit him in 2020? Nope. Did Donald Trump have the FBI and other agencies spy on the Democrat candidates and in particular Biden, leak it to the press, make up a hoax like the Russia Hoax, tell the media to run with it and call up a special investigation of Hillary or Biden? Nope.

Could you call the White House comment line when Trump was President? Yep. Try it now with Biden as President.

Were your dislikes against Trump deleted from You Tube? Nope.

Stacy Abrams and Hillary Clinton both claimed their elections were stolen. Were they banned from social media? Nope. Were you permitted to talk about it? Yep. It was called the Resistance. Hillary announced she was part of it. There were all kinds of marches and someone even mentioned blowing up the White House. There was an assassination play where the target was obviously Pres. Trump. Did he have it all shut down? Nope.

Did Antifa/BLM run wild through pretty much  all of 2020? Yep. Did they get due process? Sure did.Add all that up and it amounts to an insurrection. Got a pass though,didn’t it?

Most of the time the perpetrators were  released back onto the streets.The Democrats and media called them peaceful protestors. California Governor Newsome called the insurrection in Chaz a “summer of love”. Did we conveniently forget all this? They tried to burn down St John’s historical church in DC and were storming the White House to try to get to Trump and his family. The Secret Service moved them to the bunker. Insurrection. Got a pass didn’t it?

So who’s the Dictator, Tyrant, Fascist? By the time the libs figure this out it will be too late for them too. It happened in Venezuela. It can happen here. BTW, liberals…it IS. You have no idea if the government is spying on you or not. Once due process is taken away from 1 group you can rest assured it will be taken away from all citizens.

I’m not suggesting liberals (or anyone) become paranoid. What i am saying is that all of these unconstitutional acts are already going on and that alone is evidence it can happen to the little folks like us because it’s happening to people in the public eye. Do you understand what the term ‘useful idiot’ means?

You’ve been warned.