Banned Again 😞

Twitter banned me-no explanation

Facebook banned me-no explanation

This time it was a conservative site and the same story. The last time they approved one of my comments was in Feb of this year. i hadn’t 😞posted any comments after that-but every single comment up to that month had been approved.A pretty good track record. i put up a number of comments this July-6 months later-and the comments suddenly started disappearing.

Long story,short i concluded i must have been banned. Emailed the admin,questioned why and got no response. Two aspects of this bug me. I thought unlike Twitter and Facebook i would get an explanation-even a warning would have worked. The other is free speech. What on earth did i say that warranted a ban with no explanation?

The ban kind of bugs me,but the lack of an explanation or even a chance with a warning first, bugs me even more. Twitter and Facebook i could care less. i always thought Facebook was a hot mess and didn’t go there often anyway.

Life goes on. There was life after Twitter. There are dozens and then some quality conservative blogs. i just happened to like this particular site a great deal. Meantime i pulled their link and at some point here i’m going to redo the blog roll.[No, it is not on the blog roll. Never was.I just need to get it updated and highlight a few of the best]

I’m of the mind when you ban someone they are owed a warning first and an explanation after.I don’t know how i went from having all of my comments approved to suddenly being banned.i don’t do spam and i NEVER advocate for violence.

At first thought it might be a browser issue,but i did a little test and there was no other explanation except a ban.The comments would vanish immediately. There was no way on earth that was a browser problem.

I want to be clear. i do not intend to mention the site by name. It doesn’t really matter. At first i considered really going to town about it and encourage people to boycott it. It was better to give myself time to calm down, think it over and ask the question, what would that really accomplish? I had a hurt ego. Big deal, right? They do have good articles and a lot of people benefit from reading them. i don’t need people jumping on my little bandwagon because i’m in a mood. It would probably accomplish nothing, other than a personal vendetta. So i am not going to continue pressing the point or ranting about the ban. Rant over. i will keep it in mind though if i ever get into a situation myself and consider banning someone here.