Democracy is a Mob. A Republic is far better.

breaks it down to the fundamental issues we need to bring up. Hope everyone shares.

America is a Republic!

What is Democracy? The most common is government by the people and indeed self governing is the goal. There is however a problem with democracy. Of course, the Founders starting point was the concept of democracy in it’s original formulation, “Demo” which is Greek for people and “Kratos” which means rule, literally people rule. The problem is WHO are the people to rule and where are they to rule: a city, state, empire etc.

The first idea is that the people must be a majority of people. That means at least 51%. The Founders recognized that a democracy is inherently unstable and offers no protection for minorities. Also, they were forming a Federal Government consisting of existing sovereign states with varying population and interests. Before the 14th Amendment, people were citizens of states. They had their own systems and laws. There was of course already chattel slavery in the South…

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