Bleating Socialism

AMEN!! our so called ‘leaders’ like McConnell and maybe even Mcarthy have to go!! no more MC’s. Warriors pls.

America is a Republic!

It is one thing to fling red meat at the right and ramp up the HE/SHE said X about Socialism and it is fun but arguing with the Left on Socialism is a complete waste of time. The latest Newsmax post, who said what…is a waste of time. The LEFT IS THE PROBLEM! The Right must start to defeat not engage. THEY KNOW they are full of nonsense because they lie about it all the time. Their ideas are plain old BAD and everyone knows it. The objective is to make the processes work ethically and to secure the vote. We should not engage the Left and let them carry one as if they are honest partners in debate. They are not honest. We must consistently hammer the failures of their ideas. They are epic and far reaching. Let them have it! Do not allow them to get off the…

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