I Like the “Bongino Philosphy”

What is that you might ask? Simple. You do you, I’ll do me.

My husband had the vaccine. i won’t say which one. That’s a private matter and i don’t want to give the impression i’m promoting a company. I will say given HIS age and circumstances it was a reasonable decision. I have not had the vaccine. I weighed the risk of getting a vaccine with the risk of getting infected with Covid. For now, at least, i’m holding off with a decision. I’m not leaning towards yes,let’s put it that way.

We self isolated for a few weeks after our trip to the Cleveland Clinic Husband was out there for testing/labs.The heart surgery would come months later. Nobody told us to isolate. We felt that was the best decision. A little caution didn’t hurt. They were just starting to get wind of the pandemic hitting the U.S.

Honestly, we didn’t wear masks. In fact the only place i ever wore a mask was the Doctors office. Why was that? They required it and if i wanted a doctor appointment that is what i had to do. A doctor’s office has a unique responsibility to their patients. I had a responsibility not to get an infection and take it home to my husband. In fact i was cleaning with disinfectants at home,washing my hands often and thoroughly and using hand sanitizers. It wasn’t totally due to covid either.

My husband had just recovered from serious infections, spent 4 months between the hospital/nursing home and was going to have open heart surgery a few months away. He couldn’t afford to get covid either. In short the 2 of us were in that vulnerable category, especially him.

Why did he choose to have the vaccine? For one, given his health problems our pcp recommended it. Yes, there was a risk-albeit a small one-but he had a risk in not getting it AND he has more contact with other people than i do. It was solely his decision and i support his choice because i know Covid would kill him. I’m positive given all i know about his health. i didn’t because i have little to no contact outside a very few people and less serious health issues. I’m a few yrs older than him so age was a bit of a factor but overall my situation didn’t place me in the high risk category he’s in.

For the sake of honesty, i will admit to not being gung ho about his decision to get a vaccine. I supported him more after he did it,than before. You see, medical decisions are difficult and PERSONAL. In the end it was his call, not mine. Once he had it, once he told me what our doctor said, once i considered the risk he would have WITHOUT it, i realized he was right in his choice.

I’m sure you’ve seen the mask nazi’s on the internet. You may have had personal experience with them. I haven’t except on the internet. There’s 2 groups of mask nazi’s. The first group is almost exclusively lefties. They will get in your face-which makes no sense if they’re worried about Covid-or scream at you like you are going to kill everyone. The other group is almost exclusively people on the right who call people who wear masks an intentionally derogatory term-‘maskers.’ i’m sorry but a mask is not that big a deal. Doctors and nurses wear them under certain conditions. We normally don’t see the population at large wearing them and that makes them disturbing. i don’t like to see people in masks either. It’s odd, it’s not normal and it’s uncomfortable seeing people in masks. i get it .However,people have to make their own choices. There were places they were required.People have to decide for themselves if they want to use a business where they would have to be compliant. I needed to have a doctor appointment. This wasn’t the place to make some kind of statement over something that didn’t bother me that much.We don’t need to be screaming in people’s faces if they’re not wearing one and we don’t need to be shaming people that are.

Now you get how i incorporate the Bongino philosophy.You do you, i do me.

i don’t like to hear people calling a vaccine the ‘jab’ either. Again,like the word ‘maskers’,it’s meant to be derogatory. We have to make up our own minds given our own situations and the risks each of us want to take. i always recommend talking it over with your pcp if you have a good relationship based on trust. If he/she is worth their salt they’re keeping up with the latest best information. They can’t afford to get involved in conspiracy theories or wild misinformation. Sorry, but there is a lot of that out there and it’s difficult to get solid information.

i can tell you who i have no faith in and that’s Fauci. Once i realized he was lying to cover his own butt that was it for me.

i also heard fearless leader Joe Biden saying people were going to go door to door in our communities to ask if we’re vaccinated. Don’t come to our door. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. The government has data. Go look it up.

[ I would say almost the same to the FBI. You come to our house you better have a search warrant].

Anyway,i don’t like term maskers,the jab or making fun of people if they’re concerned about the virus. It’s serious. It’s not a hoax. Yes, some people seem paranoid and probably do go overboard. I don’t care. You do you, I do me. I would rather people take it seriously even if they seem to go overboard than have people blowing it off and calling it a hoax. Either way, you make up your own mind if you want to wear a mask or get a vaccination. Forget Fauci. He’s irrelevant at this point and we shouldn’t let our opinion of him get in the way of making good decisions. His day in court will come eventually. Some governors made terrible decisions and cost lives. Hopefully, their day in court will come too. (Cuomo is the first who comes to mind).

We have to get through this. It threw a real curveball to our country and that’s a shame no matter what you decide to do.

You make up your own mind about the vaccinations based on YOUR situation. You do you. I’ll do me.

The Palestinian Police State

U.S. media and the left make the Palestinian Authority out to be some benevolent organization -a legitimate authority-with the best interests of their own people at heart. Israel is the evil party. What a crock. If only they would report the truth here. Never happen.

America is a Republic!

The Palestinian Police State

by Khaled Abu Toameh

Gatestone Institute

  • These [Palestinian] leaders have turned the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank into a police state where political opponents are beaten to death, arrested, tortured and intimidated.
  • The crackdown was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the West — until the death of Banat. It was ignored because the perpetrators were not Israeli policemen or soldiers. It was ignored because the media could not find a way to blame Israel for the fact that the Palestinian government was harassing, intimidating and torturing Palestinians.
  • The silence of the international community and media towards the human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority has prompted Palestinian journalists to make a direct appeal to the European Union to provide them with protection.
  • The protests… are mainly directed at the Biden administration, whose representatives have recently been courting and searching for ways…

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Democracy is a Mob. A Republic is far better.

breaks it down to the fundamental issues we need to bring up. Hope everyone shares.

America is a Republic!

What is Democracy? The most common is government by the people and indeed self governing is the goal. There is however a problem with democracy. Of course, the Founders starting point was the concept of democracy in it’s original formulation, “Demo” which is Greek for people and “Kratos” which means rule, literally people rule. The problem is WHO are the people to rule and where are they to rule: a city, state, empire etc.

The first idea is that the people must be a majority of people. That means at least 51%. The Founders recognized that a democracy is inherently unstable and offers no protection for minorities. Also, they were forming a Federal Government consisting of existing sovereign states with varying population and interests. Before the 14th Amendment, people were citizens of states. They had their own systems and laws. There was of course already chattel slavery in the South…

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Bleating Socialism

AMEN!! our so called ‘leaders’ like McConnell and maybe even Mcarthy have to go!! no more MC’s. Warriors pls.

America is a Republic!

It is one thing to fling red meat at the right and ramp up the HE/SHE said X about Socialism and it is fun but arguing with the Left on Socialism is a complete waste of time. The latest Newsmax post, who said what…is a waste of time. The LEFT IS THE PROBLEM! The Right must start to defeat not engage. THEY KNOW they are full of nonsense because they lie about it all the time. Their ideas are plain old BAD and everyone knows it. The objective is to make the processes work ethically and to secure the vote. We should not engage the Left and let them carry one as if they are honest partners in debate. They are not honest. We must consistently hammer the failures of their ideas. They are epic and far reaching. Let them have it! Do not allow them to get off the…

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