(1659) Schumer: Intelligence Community May ‘Get Back At’ Trump For Tweets – YouTube

Great point & come 2024 he’ll have a wrecking ball

We have to get good people elected in 2022. It’s key to the success of Pres Trump in his next term. He’ll come with a wrecking ball the next time. Schumer and Pelosi are a real piece of work.

They stole the election from under our noses; the coup was a fait accompli. It’s hard to imagine they picked a candidate so ill and so obviously not up to the task though. Maybe that’s why they did pick him to install after the coup.Why he[they] picked Kamala as VP is beyond me. They couldn’t stand each other. Remember she called him racist at the debates. There was no love lost after that.

His VP pick might be because of his dementia or someone behind the scenes had their own reasons for her to be the VP. It’s hard to say what those reasons might be. If you were going to cheat and install a President wouldn’t you at least pick a better candidate than Joe?

It’s obvious they don’t care. One thing i will say for Joe. He’s easy for them to manipulate, but he’s a total embarrassment for our country and definitely not a plus for our national or economic security.

Yes, Pres Trump put together a fantastic trade and economic team. Bar none. He did darned good in foreign policy when the idiots weren’t in his way. They were probably too busy going after him.

Donald Trump did a lot of good things as President…a lot of great things. I bet ppl who didn’t like him personally, voted for him anyway because they knew he was good for the country-good for them. You know as well as i do that Joe did not get 81 million votes or more of the black vote than Obama. The latter is nonsense, the former is impossible.

The dominoes started to fall when General Flynn was let go. He was key to taking on the IC. He knew where the bodies were buried. He was the most dangerous man in DC. They had to get rid of him, to get their plan in motion to take out Trump.

They didn’t take him out though; not for lack of trying but they made darned sure he was out by 2020. He survived his whole first term. They were not about to make the same mistake twice. Remember, the coup was the phony election. Up to that point Trump had NOT failed. i am convinced if he had kept General Flynn on he might have had a better shot at taking on the IC community as Schumer put it.

Unfortunately Trump had an uncooperative legislature and corrupt media. too.He didn’t have to contend with just the rogue FBI,DOJ,State Dept, 5 eyes and a totally corrupt DNC.

He also had a group of Never Trumpers, the GOPe,weak kneed Republicans and some backstabbers in his own party. Pelosi had what looks to be like a personal vendetta against Trump. Maybe she wasn’t thrilled with power sharing?

I’m still amazed that President Trump accomplished as much as he did but he really needed a 2nd term and a co-operative legislature to solidify the MAGA agenda. They had to pull off a coup.

My husband isn’t into politics. He doesn’t watch the news. He has a limited idea of what’s going on but he knows enough. He voted Trump. He had a lot of respect for Trump. Still does. The one comment he’s made that’s stuck with me. He thinks the timing of the China virus was a little too convenient.

You can deal with a lot of problems as President. A virus like the coronavirus unleashed into a pandemic is a whole other animal. It’s an invisible enemy-a bioweapon you can’t take on with your military. Trump had our military take out Isis. If Obama/Biden would have had the will & foresight that Trump did they could have done it long before they ever set up the caliphate.

A bioweapon you don’t know is coming is a different battle, especially when you have someone like Fauci (and his whole cabal) lying to you and organizations like the WHO covering for the enemy.

Migken knows Trump had the guts. Her comment was spot on.

I had to share it. It’s exactly why he was [is] their target. Joe is like silly putty.