How i Know Pres Trump IS going to run in 2024

Yes, i know he won in 2020 but unless someone knows something i don’t (very likely)i’m not seeing a remedy. The best we can do is make sure they never steal an election again & keep up our support for him.

It was a rough go the first months he was out of office. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube all banned him so he couldn’t communicate with his base or the public at large. The point of that was to take him down and out of the political sphere-another words ruin his chances for another run. I’m sure keeping the truth censored was part of the plan but the main point was to destroy the base hence his re-election. They’re badly mistaken. It will not work.We’re not going anywhere!

It hasn’t been easy though. You have to get into the news cycle some and now he has!! He’s not like Obama,running a shadow government.

Here’s how i know he’s going to run again. He has not made a FORMAL announcement keep that in mind. He’s come up just shy of that and has said several times he’ll be doing that after the 2022 elections.

Listen to his C-pac Speech. It’s at the very end and he alludes to his OWN run, not someone else’s. He’s very clear about it but you have to catch it.

He wouldn’t be having any events at all and would have definitely announced retirement. He would have made it clear he didn’t intend to run fact, he would have very plainly said so. Pres Trump was never one to beat around the bush.

He told Sean Hannity yes without saying it exactly meant he’d run again,but you know from the smile that’s exactly what the yes meant.

I even caught Pres Trump giving a shout out to someone at the Texas border he’d consider for a campaign manager. I’m not sure he really meant he wanted this person as a campaign manager-he may have been just paying him an off the cuff compliment-but i know that he really meant he’s running. He’s dropping breadcrumbs all over the place.

That said, i don’t blame him for putting off a formal announcement until after the 2022 elections with good reason. First you want to see election integrity restored so there isn’t a repeat of 2020. Two,you don’t want to take the spotlight from the people you’re endorsing for 2022. You would want to call attention to them but not steal their thunder. Three, you want to see MAGA candidates get control of the House and Senate so when you do win back the White House you have a legislative body that can and will support you. Finally, there may be legal stipulations on making a FORMAL announcement. i don’t know that for certain but it’s possible. Trump would know. He is probably getting his ducks in a row too.

I will proudly cast my 3rd vote for Trump and eventually a 4th. This will be his 3rd win. Never give up!!