(1640) The Democrats’ Lies About January 6 Are Starting to Collapse – YouTube

Can you blame any Republican for not being around for the vote? They would never have stopped Pelosi from getting her “investigation.”  i’m not going to waste time and energy explaining why the breach of the Capitol Building-however it was done-was NOT an insurrection. 

I’ve done so briefly in other blog entries but it’s actually very obvious the incident on Jan 6 does not come close. Republicans didn’t show for the vote for this phony dog and pony show? Maybe they were better off distancing themselves. i wouldn’t give it any credibility either.

The one Republican really on Pelosi’s side for her personal vendetta against Trump and his supporters is Liz Cheney. Yes,there are a handful of Never Trumpers in her corner but Cheney is the most public and vocal. 

For Pelosi it has always been personal. She has a loathing for Pres Trump she’s made all too obvious. Doesn’t like power sharing maybe? i’m more concerned about the people who were arrested and incarcerated than about Pelosi’s investigation.

They are not getting due process. We are not getting any information. There are hours of video as i understand it. It has not been released to the public.  We should be able to see for ourselves what happened.