[VIDEO] What Vernon Jones Just Did to This CNN Reporter Will Go Down in History as The Most Brutal Takedown Ever (100% endorsement here for Governor of Ga)

We’ve seen Trump savage them, DeSantis wreck them, and Ted Cruz and even Lindsey Graham make these fake news reporters eat their lunch, right?But you and I have never – and I mean NEVER – seen anything like what Vernon Jones just did to an unsuspecting CNN reporter.

Vernon is running for governor of Georgia, and he was chatting with the press today with Rudy by his side when the topic of “election integrity” came up.

Vernon Jones is fantastic. He’s been MAGA ever since switching parties. Here’s hoping Georgia elects him their governor! Be sure to support him. He’s endorsed here 100%

Source: [VIDEO] What Vernon Jones Just Did to This CNN Reporter Will Go Down in History as The Most Brutal Takedown Ever

Are you done playing nice?

When a Republican candidate wins the White House and they have a party majority in Congress they always play nice. They seldom have the guts to go after anyone or play hard and fast with the rules. After what the Democrat Marxists have done since 2016-relentlessly going after Trump and grabbing power every chance they’ve had- it’s time the Republicans went on the offense.

Remember the tweet by David Plouffe re Trump?

David Plouffe: “Trump must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again”

They weren’t plotting to just beat him. They intended to destroy him and that goes for anyone associated with him as well.

They did the Russia Hoax for nearly his whole first term and called for a special counsel with Robert Mueller.

Followed by 2 impeachments and a possible try of taking him out w/ the 25th amendment. Pelosi’s brainstorm.

Look at what they did to General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort,George Papadopolous and others. Here’s the clincher: Look at what they didn’t do to Hillary Clinton,Joe and Hunter Biden, Eric Swallwell and others.The actors from spygate skated. Not a one of them was charged with the felonies THEY committed.

Just today, this, from the Epoch Times:

The Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges on Thursday—coming hours after the company criticized Manhattan prosecutors for what they claim is a politically partisan criminal investigation designed to politically wound former President Donald Trump.


How about Pelosi’s Special Investigation into the Jan 6 riots trying to call it an ‘insurrection’ ? I wouldn’t call her an unbiased spectator. She’s the 1st Speaker i know of that has ever ripped up the transcript of a President’s SOTU address. Tells you everything you need to know.

i don’t want to see one wimpy Republican in 2022 or 2024.