The Battle for the House & Senate Is On!

it’s time to start getting ready to take back the House nd Senate in 2022. I spent part of the night cleaning up some really outdated entries. Now we’re going to move on to take a look at some of the up and coming MAGA Patriots.We’ll have the House & Senate ready to hand to Pres Trump in 2024, but 2022 first. These are some fresh new MAGA Republicans stepping up to the plate.

I’ll be posting all of the Trump rallies from They’ve covered all of his rallies from the very beginning and they showed the crowds too. The Cable news networks wouldn’t always do that.

The President will be on the stump with many of the candidates he’s endorsing. As it gets closer to 24 and Trump is out formally campaigning will probably be doing more clean up and possibly change out themes.

Did anyone catch the shout out he did for a SPECIFIC campaign manager when he was out in Texas? I’ll post up an entry later.