Free Speech IS Free Speech Whether We Like It or Not

The twitter feed in Pres Trump’s account was reprehensible. People would write the most vile things. Now you go over the Biden’s You Tube account and find out you can never get away with attacking Biden. BTW. Try to call the White House. The excuse is they don’t have the staff and a reminder it’s all voluntary.

One of two things is true ; they’re making up excuses because they really don’t want people leaving comments for Biden or they can’t get volunteers. Either reason is not a good look for Biden but my guess it’s the former. He’s afraid of criticism and doesn’t care about compliments. He’s going to do what he wants anyway.

Did President Trump ever attempt to get Twitter to shut down the vile comments? Nope, of course not. He’s the President of the United States and he knows that whether you like him or not you can say so because it’s your God given right. Sad to say, they called him a tyrant and it’s really Biden after all.

Let me make one point very clear though. When the press/media lies about President Trump that’s not freedom of the press. They’re in a position that requires them to give the public responsible journalism. Whether they like the guy or not is irrelevant. We know they couldn’t stand him. It doesn’t give them license to gaslight the public. There’s a difference between journalism and the free expression and exchange of ideas among citizens. We only have to be cautious about libel and slander. When you get into that territory you’re stepping on someone else’s rights. The law gives a person’s reputation reasonable protection-except for Donald Trump.

When i first started the blog and switched gears to politics one of the very first comments i got was they liked the blog BUT. Most of us like to eat up those compliments. The comment went on to tell me my titles were boring and the paragraphs too long. Now i could have been offended/insulted but the truth is it’s not the worst thing i’ve ever been told-it was also very helpful because i took a good look and he was 100% right.

It’s hard to stay out of those old habits. i don’t always succeed but because of this criticism it hasn’t been often that i don’t take a few extra minutes to try to come up with a better title or break up the paragraphs.

i think back to a time when a person i met online became a great online buddy. We all have those. Sometimes you meet up. More often than not you don’t get that opportunity, but you do develop a kinship anyway. We were BOTH huge supporters of Herman Cain. He was doing very well in the polls at the time and it looked like he stood a great chance of winning the primary. My gosh we were hopeful. We honestly believed he could go on to become the candidate for President in the Republican party. We were doing everything in our power to help that happen. Long story,short. The Cain campaign contacted her and she got a position in the campaign. She was very talented and definitely qualified. i couldn’t have been happier. She would be a real asset to their team.

Just as things were looking up and he was on top, the awful story about him and that one lady hit the news. I think her name was Ginger but my memory for names is terrible. What happened after that is like it was yesterday. The timing of the story was suspect. We were all trying to figure out who might have played that dirty. In the end he dropped out. We were all in tears. We thought he might fight it out and believed he would have come back even stronger for it but he had a wife and kids to consider too. I’m sure it was very painful for them. Whoever wanted him out, wanted him out badly. They wouldn’t have stopped with the dirt. Some of us thought it was either the Romney campaign or the Ron Paul campaign as much as we thought it could have been the Democrats. Trust neither party.

i have the same attitude about the blogs i promote here. Good for them if they get the traffic. This is not a competition and to be frank i couldn’t compete with them if i wanted to. If they weren’t as good as i’m convinced they are,i wouldn’t promote them anyway. Their articles fit right in with the support i try to give Pres. Trump here. Some of the articles have news that needs to be shared whether it relates directly to Trump or not.

BTW, have had a few liberals stop by and leave comments. This may be shocking but they weren’t over the top. Nothing like the crew on Twitter.i will always hesitate before making that decision to ban or report. It’s very tempting to go there at first glance. If they’re not blasphemous, spamming, doxxing, ‘looking for fun’ or leaving porn we’re good. We’ll see where it goes. Threats of violence against anyone is a whole other story. At that point it’s time to contact authorities.

i was banned on Twitter and Facebook both. i never violated their TOS and they never offered an explanation. Twitter gives you the option to appeal but it’s a little hard to appeal if you don’t know the TOS they think you have violated. i honestly don’t care if i ever go back. This is one of the reasons i totally support free speech, even if we don’t like it. Sometimes you have to develop a thick skin. Truth is, for all the years i was on twitter and the thousands of tweets I probably read, there were only 1 or 2 people i ever reported. It was for porn. Don’t leave it in my Twitter feed.