Democrats only pass laws that help the Party.

you covered it all to a t… there’s nothing to add.

America is a Republic!

I cannot find a single policy or bill currently being pushed by the Democrat Party that is a good thing for American people! Not one. I see a bill to help Democrats steal elections. Another one helps Democrats pay off Democrat states in trouble and Democrat organizations and favorites, like Unions. They haven’t lifted a finger on solving SARS2 origins. They aren’t securing the border. The don’t care about cartels, human smuggling, Fentanyl smuggling, terrorists found at the border…it’s hard to find ANY amity with the American people. Their spending will crush future generations of Americans, will give China and others even more leverage over us. There are no balanced budgets, fair taxation, no Justice at the DOJ, no trust in the FBI, no trust in the border policy…it’s hard to understand how anyone votes for these CRT/RACISM/TRANS/Socialism/Pro-China/Pro-Cartel policies from these lunatics.

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