The CCP Virus. A biological weapon that the U.S. politicized.

A virus created with the intent of using it as a biological weapon is not going to be mild. The purpose of such a biological weapon is the same as any weapon. Defeat your enemy. Regardless of whether the pandemic was the result of an accidental leak or deliberate attack it became politicized in the United States. Forget the science, forget the facts, forget the health threat. We can’t even get to the science or facts without wading through some political hype first.

The first person we have to blame for that is Dr. Fauci. i can understand the first few weeks if not months of confusion because we didn’t know what we were dealing with. Evidently Fauci had some idea because he was one of a group of people trying to cover for the CCP. Ultimately he was trying to cover for himself and everyone in the government involved with the funding of the Wuhan Lab. We know the WHO downplayed the virus. They were covering for the CCP in China. Speaker Pelosi tried to downplay the virus when Pres Trump banned travel from China & later he would ban travel from Europe. Two good moves that probably saved thousands of lives.

i don’t have to tell anyone that Fauci has to go. He also has to be held accountable. As for the WHO? Simple. They’re not trustworthy either.Fauci had a responsibility to the American people and to the President.We may not have had all the facts about the Coronavirus but Fauci had enough of them. He deliberately withheld that information. It appears now that even he lied to cover his tracks. This is a serious pandemic we’re talking about. You can’t attribute confusion all to lack of knowledge when the guy in charge of the CDC knew plenty.

My husband and i had to go to the Cleveland Clinic just as the pandemic was starting to break out across the world. i think we had a few cases in the States at that time. It wasn’t that widespread yet & Fauci wasn’t making a big to do over it. He should have been. Fauci was the head of the CDC after all and who else would you have put your trust in at the time.

Cleveland Ohio was out of state for us. We took an uber to the train station, a taxi from the Cleveland Station to our hotel. A Shuttle from the hotel to the Clinic-back and forth. We stayed approximately a day and a half. We ate at a restaurant in the Clinic. When were done at the Clinic we rested up and took the taxi back to the train station and headed home. The whole time we were in Cleveland, with all the contacts we had, not one person was wearing a mask except the dr who dealt with infectious diseases. i did see one gentleman [in the general public] while we were at the Clinic wearing one. I wonder now if he wasn’t there from another country. People from around the world go to the Cleveland Clinic. There were no requirements at the time, yet he was wearing one.

A friend picked us up at our local station.We ate breakfast at a fast food  restaurant (not my preference but we weren’t driving).

Once we got home, settled in and our dog sitter brought Cisco back, the situation changed quite rapidly. Covid was spreading fairly quickly in the United States. We decided, without any prompting from anyone, to self isolate for a few weeks.

I was hand scrubbing, using hand sanitizer and wiping everything possible with antibacterial cleaners anyway because of the serious infections my husband had gone through.

We knew 2 things about Covid 19 at this point. It was highly contagious and could be deadly. My husband had far too many health issues and was going to be scheduled for open heart surgery before the year was over-we decided to make it Aug-Sept sometime-so he couldn’t chance getting infected with Covid. He had just spent nearly 4 months in a hospital/nursing home. We weren’t about to chance him going back to the hospital either.He was finally home! Self isolation made sense and we had everything we needed. No,we did not go crazy and stock up on anything, not even toilet paper. We were fine. Know what happens when you do that? You GET shortages.

Eventually we started to have limited contact but i’ll be honest, i never wore a mask except when I went to the Dr office. For me, it was never a big deal either way. i can’t say as i liked wearing one but i wasn’t thrilled with the Chinese regime allowing the pandemic to happen PERIOD.

There were people complaining the masks interfered with their breathing.

We’ve all heard about the 6 parents who sent in their children’s masks to a lab

“because they were concerned about the potential of contaminants on masks that their children were forced to wear all day at school, taking them on and off, setting them on various surfaces, wearing them in the bathroom, etc.

The Gainesville parents sent six recently worn face masks to the University of Florida for laboratory testing.

The tests, conducted by the University of Florida’s Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center, discovered that five of the six masks contained a host of bacteria and three of the masks were contaminated with “dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria.”

The 11 “dangerous pathogens” found on the masks are responsible for illnesses that include:
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Meningitis and Sepsis
  • Food poisoning from E. coli
  • Diphtheria
  • Lyme Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infections

My question after these results wouldn’t be so much about the masks,although that would be legit,it would be about these pathogens being in the school or wherever they are picking them up from. The other question i would ask is, what would the case be if the children weren’t wearing the masks…would they still be picking up these pathogens?

My question in general about masks is, what is the efficacy of these masks? Right there is THE most important question.

Here is where i am going to get into the main point i intended to make about Covid 19, the masks, treatments and vaccinations etc. Masks is a good place to start from because we’ve all read about the Mask Nazis. The left will scream at you and confront you for not wearing one. The right will try to shame you for wearing one because they consider it an infringement on freedom.

I can’t argue that there wasn’t any confusion when the pandemic first started spreading. We can thank Dr Fauci [and his cohorts], the WHO and the CCP regime in China for that one. As i noted in the opening they weren’t honest and that dishonesty cost us in a human toll more than anything.

Unfortunately the virus itself became politicized in the United States. When people need information so they can make the best decisions it’s time to get politics out of it. We need reliable science and data to make informed decisions. We don’t need conspiracy theories either. We need straight up information. If Fauci would have kept politics out of his decisions we’d have been better off.

i felt the masks were an inconvenience. It’s a shame we would even have to consider wearing masks.It’s not normally how we go about our daily lives and social interactions. i never felt they were an infringement on my freedom though.

Find out what their efficacy is, find out how to avoid picking up pathogens and decide for yourself if you want to use them. I’m sorry but i don’t think Pres Trump cares whether you burn them or not. I think what he cares about is that we get back to normal as quickly as possible and that it never happens again.

Our biggest problem is that they’re STILL learning more about Covid 19 and related issues. As the data comes in we’re trying to get reliable information.

Most people just want answers in simple terms.

I thought the mask nazis were bad enough. Now the vaccines are becoming politicized. I hear the folks on the right calling people who make the choice to wear a mask ‘maskers.’ i’ve seen rants of people angry because they saw someone without one. They don’t get that they’re both looking in the mirror. Me,i don’t give a fat rats behind what you do.We all come with an expiration date. Life is too short to get into the nonsense about a serious virus. We need facts.

Here’s what i do know about Covid 19 and it’s all common knowledge by now:

  1. it is not a hoax.
  2. it is NOT influenza (the flue), a cold or pneumonia
  3. it is highly contagious and can be deadly
  4. older people and people with comorbidities are at a higher risk
  5. they knew it was possible ,even very likely, it could mutate and it did
  6. herd immunity can be established either by letting the virus run its course, have a certain percentage of the population vaccinated or a combined approach which the United States is trying to use.

You are going to have to decide whether or not to get a vaccine. As a Catholic i would have to refuse the Johnson and Johnson vaccine based on religious principles. The bishops were clear about it.

I can tell you that my husband talked to his pcp who recommended my husband get vaccinated. i happen to agree with our family doctor, although the decision was solely my husbands. He has too many underlying health issues. i’m convinced if he were infected with Covid it would kill him. i have no doubt in my mind. While there are always risks with vaccines there was a greater risk for my husband from the virus. He had no side effects at all.

My husband’s health aide also got a vaccine. She had mild side effects for a couple-three days, headache and fatigue. It was a different vaccine. She’s 20 yrs younger than us and in relatively good health. She was not required to get one but did so; not out of concern for herself. She considered her vulnerable clients.

I have not been vaccinated to date. i do not have the health issues my husband has-although a few different ones-nor the contact with people that he or his aide have.

Talk to your own pcp. They know your health history and if you have a trusting relationship with him/her there’s your best bet.

Here’s a short word for politicians regardless of party. If you’re going to ask your population to make certain sacrifices to help prevent spread please be willing to make them yourself. There were several officials who banned travel, insisted on masks and frowned on-if not prohibited-social gatherings. Even if you know you are perfectly safe and have no chance of getting infected [or causing infection] follow your own rules anyway. It was not a good look to expect the people in your district or state to follow your rules when you were breaking them yourself. Do as i say, not as i do never works.

I would also like to tell these politicians/officials it is their job to stay informed too and make good decisions based on science & medicine, not politics. You drag your politics into your decision making, you’re not helping the people you were elected to serve. If the folks smell even a whiff of politics they are not going to trust your decision making. This is too serious a matter to let that happen.

Meantime, if you think it would be helpful to you, learn what the Coronavirus IS, what it does and how it works. Straight up facts.The better informed we are, the better the decisions we can make. i don’t like it when people use a term like ‘the jab.’ It doesn’t help the chances for informed discussion or answer the real questions we should have. i am not trying to encourage people to wear or not wear a mask. I am not trying to encourage people to get a vaccine or talk them out of it. Medical decisions are serious, sometimes difficult and PERSONAL decisions.

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