NSA Spying . Twitter Responds

I checked on Twitter, assuming after Tucker dropped the nuclear story that the NSA was spying on him, Twitter would go berserk. Yep, Twitter was going berserk. The story was trending. The liberals took one of 2 narratives; it was a conspiracy theory or it didn’t matter at all. “Who cares” some of them are saying.

It’s the 2nd blog entry i’ve had re Twitter. Remember, Twitter is NOT an open platform. Conservative topics rarely trend and if you mention election fraud at all you can get banned. It’s a liberal platform. I was banned there but can still read the most ridiculous uninformed stupid tweets. They’re usually trending.

The @DirkSchwenk tweet is one of the most ridiculous,so far. i’ll be checking back there to see if the NSA story is still trending but so far Dirk’s is the most ridiculous.
Someone needs to tell Dirk that an American talking to a foreign agent is not a crime.Eric Swallwell actually slept with a Chinese spy for years. She recently vanished.

Absolutely true. Notice how the left rarely talked about it. Swallwell got away with it too.

Someone also needs to tell Dirk that the law permits our agencies to spy on foreign agents & even listen to conversations a foreign agent is having with an American citizen. However, it’s Illegal to record or use the conversation on the end of the American citizen. The citizen is protected for obvious reasons.
Our law enforcement agencies are not above the law. Someone should tell them.

We remember spygate when the intelligence agencies illegally spied on the Trump campaign,illegally obtained warrants from the FISA court by lying to the court and set up the fake Russia collusion story.

It’s why Robert Mueller’s investigation for 3 yrs basically went nowhere. They couldn’t charge Pres Trump with so called Russian collusion because they knew it was bunk all along.

The most they could do was throw a shadow on his administration. The left never figured that out. Some on the left were calling the spygate story a conspiracy theory and the media covered it up so they never got the real story anyway. The liberal media lies to their own viewers and they buy it.

They could have done some research, but they didn’t.

Yes, BIG problem liberal tweeters;if our intelligence agencies had the cajones to break the law, spy on the President, and get away with it, there is nothing to stop them from spying on anyone else including private citizens/news agencies.

You would think the left’s hair would be on fire by now if it were even remotely possible. You would think they would ask the question, what if?

It’s a shame they don’t know about spygate. Adam Schiff was on cable news every week claiming he had evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump admin but he never produced it. Yet, all the evidence for spygate is out there and they don’t want to see it. Trust me,the cable news networks [even CNN] know what the truth is. Chances are they’re never going to report it. I wish they would prove me wrong.

The libs on Twitter are either not going to believe Tucker Carlson anymore than they did spygate and will call it a conspiracy theory or they will believe Tucker Carlson and like Dirk think it’s perfectly ok.

The liberal news organizations better be careful. If they think the Biden administration will exclude them from spying they may want to think twice. I wouldn’t put anything past these people. Remember, they spied on a American President for the sole purpose of destroying him.
Here’s the previous blog entry on Twitter’s useful idiots:

NOTE: it’s not Jones they were after. They always try to find a stepping stone to Trump. Then try to get that guy to lie about Trump just to save their own skin. The feds can be very intimidating and persuasive. They hold power you can’t imagine until they confront you.

I’m going to check back on Twitter every so often to see if the Tucker/NSA story is still trending and grab some more tweets-there were plenty. I will show how the left isn’t the least bit alarmed by the story.