Imagine You are Donald Trump

Let’s suppose you are Donald John Trump. You’ve had a successful career in real estate,making millions if not billions over the years. Successful does not mean never failing.Anyone who has run a business in the private sector knows there are ups and down in a career. You didn’t make the life you did for yourself and your own children being a dummy. You have a good business/economic acumen & a drive to get things done. America First is not just a slogan to you. It’s everything you were working towards. You also know about branding and why that matters.

You’ve done cameo appearances in tv shows and movies. You even had a very successful reality tv show called The Apprentice*.

You must have some self awareness and realize that your persona became larger than life but that you’re not invincible either.

You graduated from the Wharton School of Business. That’s not too shabby.

You were called to testify before Congress re the economy.

Evidently,they must have valued having that testimony or you wouldn’t have been there.

Finally, you worked your tail off and beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. You really worked your tail off in 2020,your rallies were huge and your support grew. I bet you even stayed up election night just like we did and ended up just as shocked.

Your opponent never campaigned-his handlers were always putting a lid on for the day; any events that might have been considered were scrapped.

Your opponent barely got a crowd when he did go out in public. Your opponent was hardly cognizant when he did appear in public. Yet the media is reporting he got more votes than any President in history and more of the black vote than Obama (who’s buying that one)? I’m not exaggerating any of those statements.

You must be looking at everything that took place during 2020,especially the rats who were exposed. I know you are determined to beat all the rats come 2024. It’s not like you to walk away from a challenge. In fact, i bet you are more determined than ever to win. Unfortunately you have a unique challenge.

An incumbent President has an advantage. When you left DC you did not have a political office to return to either. That means there is no office to govern from or a route to create policy.

It gets worse;Facebook,Twitter and You Tube banned you.Cable news has the option not to cover your rallies and they know it. We know what the bosses at the top are going to do. This was their plan all along-to cut you off from your base.

Since you have self awareness i’m sure you are going to asses if you have the support to run and win in 2024. You have the determination but you know you need your base support. The rats are well aware of it.

They were always trying to take down your base. Now they are trying to cut off communication in the hope the base will eventually lose their enthusiasm, peter out and move on.

In politics it’s usually how it goes anyway but they have never met a force like us-they have to be certain it happens. So we better be aware of what they’re up to and make certain it never happens.

They have more reason though. The whole 2020 election was part of the coup. Biden is a sham. The Deep State is real. They can’t have the corruption exposed. There are probably as many rats in the Republican party as there in the Democrat Marxist party. Sorry to say, true. You’re even more aware-as we are now-that we must get MAGA candidates elected in the mid terms. While 2024 is very important; 2022 is CRITICAL.

If you’re Donald Trump and are 99.9% sure you won the 2020 election in a landslide victory you will telegraph to the base that you’re ready to run in 2024. [He has several times, just shy of a formal announcement]. You will hold off the formal announcement until the mid terms take place.

The wait is a smart move. It has some disadvantages (won’t get into them)but it’s still the best option.You had the self awareness to know you could never have been the puppet of another government. Your loyalty is to the people of America.

You’re aware that you’re not invincible while the rats are extremely determined to take you out and cover up their anti American activities; their corruption.

We MUST get MAGA candidates elected in 2022.No choice. Can’t stress that enough. i can tell you know it. It’s always possible there’s some fake MAGA candidates in the mix but if MOST of them are the real thing that will work.We get the right people,they take the House and Senate,you win in 2024 there’s a fighting chance we can clean up the mess and finish draining the swamp.

It didn’t get that way in your one term. It’s been that way for some time. It was never going to take just 1 term to clean it up. This time if you want a friend, get a dog,k? Make sure it’s a boxer and you name him/her Patton.

Let’s keep a close watch on those audits too. The book on 2020 hasn’t been written yet.

* hard to imagine? i never once watched the Apprentice. not a huge tv fan.