FAKE NEWS ALERT. The useful idiots on Twitter are going crazy

The useful idiots are going crazy on Twitter. I wondered why Alex Jones was trending in politics. Thankfully, Cardinal Conservative is the lone voice in the feed calling it out. It’s worse than fake news or a twitter trend. Propaganda like this is dangerous. The useful idiots don’t grasp that one day it could be them because the powers that be didn’t like what they said or who they supported.

I’m no Alex Jones fan,never have been, but this attack on him and President Trump with a flat out lie is inexcusable. It has to stop.We have to start fighting back in earnest. I’m going to have to find out which news organizations are carrying this fake news. Meantime here are the important points i took away from the tweets.

1 The media is pushing the insurrection narrative and they are not going to give it up unless they are forced to.There is a reason for the accusation of insurrection; it is criminal and they intend to use it against Pres Trump and his supporters.

2. It’s possibly true there was contact between the President and Alex Jones.Not sure. i haven’t seen any evidence yet supporting the claim. That’s not a crime of course but if they can drum up the charge of inciting an insurrection against Jones they can tie Trump to it via a phone call. Why Jones? Name recognition for one. The fact that Jones was there the day the riot took place. Finally, there may have been a phone call between Trump and Jones. None of those facts mean Jones was involved with the incident on Jan 6. The video of Jones at the Capitol that day is absolute proof he wasn’t. They’re desperate to get Trump. Lying isn’t beneath them.

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