Hidin Biden Will Really Go Into Hiding Now!

I usually write an entry then struggle with a title. Honestly, I hate having to come up with one. I want to have a title that’s interesting (am never creative enough)but swore it would never be click bait. This time was an exception. The title just rolled out and now let’s roll out exactly what it means.

Biden had a horrible week. Not withstanding how fantastic the media would have people believe, in reality-where most of us are-it wasn’t anything to write home about. He’s usually yelling at his adoring fans in the media. Not this time. We’ve all seen the totally bizarre whispering episode where he didn’t make sense any better under his breathe than he does when he’s speaking ‘normally’. Unfortunately for Joe and his media the whole world noticed. It’s getting more difficult to hide his dementia. When you’re campaigning, your handlers can put on a lid. When you’re President it’s hard to stay out of the public eye for too long. We’ve also caught a few episodes where he’s had to be whisked off to save him from wandering aimlessly. Does he even know he’s an occupant of the White House?

Joe’s ‘PR’ disasters didn’t end there. A little over a month ago he appointed his VP Kamala Harris as his border czar. He didn’t want to face the crisis himself, because he created it, so he thought it would go over better if he shoved it off to Harris. The problem is she didn’t want to deal with it either. Wouldn’t you know, Donald Trump appeared in the news. It was reported he was going down to the border-the one he worked so hard to secure-at the invitation of Gov Greg Abbot. Suddenly, Harris announced she was going to visit the border. Problems: 1. it was too obvious why she was going. 2. She didn’t actually go to the border where the mess is in full swing & Trump is going to be. She went to El Paso instead (some 800 + miles away), offered no solutions and blamed Trump; who was well known for supporting a strong border, strong immigration policy and his signature accomplishment, building the wall between the United States and Mexico. It wasn’t a good look. People with half a brain understood the irony of it, meaning it was lost on the media.

The jobs numbers weren’t so hot either but that’s easy for the media to handle. Mention it in passing and move to the next news cycle.

What happened the other day in stark contrast to Biden’s bizarre press briefing? If you guessed Pres Trump’s first rally of the year in Wellington Ohio you could have bet the farm on it. Biden was fog, Trump was thunder.

I may be wrong but i think Joe is going to lay low for awhile and let the media carry more water for him. He’ll be back to Hiden Biden. Maybe his handlers were giving him too much exposure. On the dangerous side though Pelosi and her cabal are going to get even more desperate. I’d be keeping an eye on the corrupt DOJ and FBI.