An Open Letter to all the Trump supporters & Pres Trump Himself

before i go ahead here please be aware that i am sitting at a computer with no AC, not a single open window or a fan to beat back the incredible heat in here. I have copd and that makes it more difficult but we’re giving it a go because it’s worth it. The heat wave is supposed to end here on Friday or at least give us a break. There’s the good news on that front.

The other facts you should know is that i only do opinion and off the cuff analysis here. The news reports come from other sources ie blogs, online news articles from sites like the Conservative Treehouse,Dan Bongino,the Epoch Times, Wayne Dupree etc. I have no sources, no connections, no people on the inside or other crew who could dig into the weeds. People like Sundance do all the hard work combined with ‘foot work’ that it takes to put out a good article worthy of being called news. The sole purpose of my blog is to support Pres Trump and MAGA candidates he endorses. I’m on that bandwagon and i’m staying there.

I live in a little town and have a very simple mind. It’s not self denigration or false humility. It’s just the ability to see my own limits and work with them. On the other hand any praise of the other sites mentioned here is not butt kissing or patronizing. It’s the ability to see work that is worthy of praise. If i thought they stunk i would say so.

Now let’s move on from the intro and get to the meat.

i know the left calls this a cult. The people who worship their candidates no matter what they do, even if it destroys the country, have the nerve to call supporting Trump a cult. If loyalty is a crime then i’m totally guilty.

i just happen to know a great but not perfect President when i see one.

On the other hand these were not the circumstances any of us expected to face. I’ll be upfront and admit i didn’t know how deep and wide the swamp was,until now. A lot of it was revealed after the fact. Let’s be real honest; not only is the swamp wide and deep it is powerful. You can know that it has power and understand all the machinations it uses but knowing doesn’t stop it. When you have the federal government and all its powers against you, you will lose. When the FBI is knocking at your door, with guns and man power you’re not going to get very far. How about Pres Trump with the FBI,DOJ,State Dept, 5 eyes and an assortment of other sleazy characters and backstabbers just waiting to take you out?

The signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution knew the dangers they were putting themselves in when they added their John Hancock [pun intended]. They had the power of the British monarchy and military lined up against them. Let’s admit it-they could have lost. There was always that chance.

Unfortunately for Pres Trump and for us there were 2 groups of people he was up against and let’s admit it-we could have lost. We didn’t but that’s a point to be made another day. Those 2 groups were people who could have been heroes and we’re too afraid to take on the Deep State & the other group were backstabbers. The only standing army Trump had was us and all we could do was vote.

Trump was Washington standing alone.

Was Trump perfect? Nope. Did he have shortcomings? Yep. i don’t feel the need to list them. It’s true of any President. We don’t elect Kings and any President worth his/her salt knows the limits the Constitution puts on the office. I do know this-it’s amazing to me he accomplished as much as he did given the forces arrayed against him. I think the one thing the forces feared at all was us. They still do and they see us as a danger. Trump was right on that count. He was the one standing between them and us. They were determined to take him out(coup). Now they are going to be determined to get us and him both. Response; NOT THIS TIME!

Did he do what he said he was going to do? Yep. Good enough. He earned my vote in 2020 and you must have thought he earned yours. Then they cheated him. They cheated us. They cheated the country. Whether they did it by outright fraud which i am convinced is the case or by the machinations of the Deep State and all the traitors, they STILL cheated. It doesn’t matter which way they did it. They pulled off a coup. Yes, i said it, COUP. Would you ever have thought that possible in the United States of America? i don’t think calling it a stolen election or election fraud does it justice. It was a coup. PERIOD and we weren’t ready for it. The worst part was the states didn’t stand up against it. There wasn’t a damned thing Trump could do about the states. There wasn’t a damned thing we could do about the states. We did our part. We turned out the vote in huge numbers. The problem is that a vote rarely holds up against a coup. I’ve never seen it happen. There were a few people if they would have had a spine or not been on the other side might have prevented it. One man alone, up against a coup, no matter how much we supported him didn’t cut it. Obviously.

I’m not leaving the bandwagon. This train is still in the station but i fear a split before the mid terms are even over. It would be a shame and it wouldn’t be a pretty outcome. On the plus side if we give Trump the one thing he didn’t have from anyone else-or at least too few of the ones that mattered-loyalty, we have a fighting chance going forward. If the base splits now we’re in trouble before we start. On the plus side [again] the rats have been exposed, we know what they did, we have MAGA candidates for 2022 and we have the opportunity to hand him that in 2024. The elections of 2022 are very consequential. We HAVE to win. In fact,i would say at this point, 2022 is more important than 2024. I believe that’s why Trump is holding off on his FORMAL announcement until those elections are over. Note i said FORMAL because he has as much as said he would run in 2024 just shy of making it a formal announcement. It may seem like a long ways off, but that’s a smart move on several levels. Yes,it has some drawbacks [i won’t get into here] but it’s the best option.

We can’t sit out 2022. Some of the candidates may turn out not to be MAGA. i get that but i believe the ones who have claimed it so far ARE; as long as MOST are we’re better off. I’m going to start focusing on these rising stars in the weeks ahead; Trump has already given some of them endorsements and he’s definitely going after the RINO’s!!!

I don’t want to beg anyone to stay on the bandwagon but i am going to beg people to reconsider any thoughts of jumping off. Not a good plan. Trump earned the vote in 2020. Let’s not take it away from him a 2nd time. What we have to do here is fight back against the COUP. First we admit what it was and take it from there. Call the Democrats,Marxists. Call the election of 2020 a COUP. The left gets that-words matter. They really matter when it’s the truth. The left does it with lies.

Final thought: Grover Cleveland