The People on Twitter Honestly Think This is Journalism

someone explain to @duty2warn that it’s Jim Acosta’s job as a journalist to dig for that info. He should seek out reliable sources; preferably people willing to attach their names to the info then get back to the American people with his findings.People on Twitter think the only job people in cable news has is chasing down their political opponents. No,the 4th estate should be questioning the policies of everyone in office.

i remember when Pres Trump held press briefings how they would jump up and down like monkeys screaming across the room.Acosta was one of the worst. They never asked questions that would help inform the American people.

Biden gets up there whispering answers at them, other times yelling at them even though they bend over backwards for him and mumbling out sentences that obviously nobody can make any sense of.We know it’s gibberish. They know it’s gibberish. This is how honest the media is. We all know Biden doesn’t make sense but cable news gaslights people into believing the man is one of our greatest presidents. All i can say is i HOPE VP Harris is making the calls to foreign leaders.

People on Twitter,Newsflash: What Jim is doing here is not journalism. Note the chyron at the bottom of the CNN broadcast. Ask Jim about that Russia Hoax they pushed for nearly 4 yrs. What was that? I remember when Adam Schiff was on cable media constantly saying he had evidence of Russia collusion with Trump. He never produced it but nobody asked.