Let Me Make It Easy for the Biden Administration

A response to this b.s. from the Biden administration. Their statement on how they plan to deal with domestic terrorism.https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/read-full-biden-administration-unveils-plan-to-combat-domestic-terror

Before you send your goons out to see where i stand on critical race theory let me save you the trouble. For one, i’ve been banned on Twitter and Facebook so you wouldn’t find anything there anyway.BTW. It was not for violent threats or advocating violence. I have never done either.

i’ll be upfront. i totally oppose CRT.It’s racist,dangerous & Marxist.The foundation of critical theory period is Marxist. I have the gut feeling one of the goals of MARXIST CRT is to start a race war. The folks out here don’t have a problem. There are people who are always trying to cause one. Apparently the Biden administration is in that group. Most people get along just fine. Note that i’m not saying all,just MOST.

I was not at the Trump rally in DC on Jan 6th. i wish i could have been there to support our President but i had to settle for watching the rally on my computer. i had no contact with any of the people who were there. Love those patriots who were able to go but i have no idea who any of them were. All i know is they were patriots & when our President mentioned them marching to the Capitol he made it clear he wanted them to march peacefully. i heard exactly what he said that day & there was nothing in the speech about raising hell of any kind, let alone causing a riot. Trump has millions of supporters. The rallies he held were huge. An unarmed group of people breaking into the Capitol Building for 1 day out of all his 100’s of rallies is NOT an insurrection. Riot? Likely. Insurrection? For that you’d have to look to all the crap ANTIFA/BLM had been doing in 2019- 2020. Now that was an insurrection we could see with our own 2 eyes, but the Democrats kept calling it peaceful and the Biden/Harris campaign supported it. The stated goal of BLM and Antifa in particular is to overthrow the government. They made it clear-as did the Democrats and media- they INTENDED to take out Pres Trump. By definition that IS an insurrection.

Citizens-regular folk-black and white were terrified. BLM/ANTIFA were burning down their cities, destroying their businesses, taking over their communities.

I also want to point out some facts you OMITTED from your asinine paper on Domestic Terrorism. You brought up the KKK and their reign of terror that kept black people and their supporters from voting. What you left out is the KKK was founded by the Democrat party and targeted black people and their supporters to keep them from voting Republican. You mentioned several domestic terrorists and you were correct in naming them but again you OMITTED several that were extremely dangerous and violent. i remember them very well. It was the Weather Underground [or Weathermen] who split off from the SDS because they believed violence was a justifiable method of addressing grievances & the SDS didn’t. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn were the leaders of the Weather Underground.

Then there was Susan Rosenberg who had worked with the same domestic terror group known as the Weather Underground, or WUO. The group of radical left-wing militants was formed in 1969 with the stated goal of creating a clandestine revolutionary party in order to overthrow the U.S. government.

During his final hours in the White House, President Bill Clinton issued a pardon to commute the sentence of Susan Rosenberg. Susan Rosenberg has a Long Rap Sheet Due to her Terrorist Activities.

How the paper could omit her is astounding given her record. It proves that ALL the omissions from the paper on Domestic Terrorism were left out DELIBERATELY.

Members of this domestic terrorist outfit were known as Weathermen, and in 1970 the group issued a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government, under the name “Weather Underground Organization”.

The group was responsible for bombing the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, and U.S. Department of State building.


Finally, let me be clear what i think of Joe Biden. You won’t have to second guess that either. He has no business being in the office of President. Maybe the media thinks they’re doing a great job of covering for him but everyone sees the obvious. This is a very sick man that his family should be looking out for. Worse, he’s holding the highest office in the United States where he is responsible for the whole country and he can barely look out for himself. How they can do this to the country and the American people is beyond me other than they can’t care too much. Our media is a disgrace. It’s truly shameful. I really don’t get it; how they don’t have a lick of integrity but can actually make the kind of money they do. They’re a betrayal of everything we hold near and dear in our country and not a one of them will stand up and tell the truth.

I look around and everything we ever trusted has been touched by corruption. The FBI was our premiere agency at one time. They were people we admired. It’s a damned shame how its been corrupted and there’s not even ONE whistleblower willing to do the right thing.

Anyway,save yourselves the trouble of hunting down my writings. i think CRT is Marxist, dangerous & not good for the country. It does nothing to advance good relationships between the races. i’m free to think that. Nobody is going to convince me otherwise. i firmly believe in non violent civil disobedience in some instances just like Rev Martin Luther King did. I intend to change the direction our country is heading in via the right way; by my vote. I intend to keep writing here as i see fit too. It’s known as freedom of speech. You worry about Joe. He has some very real mental problems. Maybe it’s dementia. All we know is that something is obviously wrong & that makes it dangerous for our country.