Everyone knows Joe is a couple fries short of a happy meal

You mean to tell me the media doesn’t know? Wrong. They know and they’re still trying their darndest to cover up for him. They have no idea how questionable they look. They don’t have a shred of integrity.

You would think even liberals would have the brains to be a little concerned about a media that is willing to cover up for Joe no matter what he does.

Nope. Not a bit. Instead they’re on Twitter trending in glee about Rudy Giuliani having his license to practice law suspended because he exercised his right to free speech. They don’t seem to be concerned about that either. Hillary Clinton and others questioned the election results of 2016 for 4 yrs. They gave it a name-the resistance- and called for an insurrection against the Trump administration.

IMHO i give the American people a little more credit than the fanatics i used to see on Twitter. They’re more fair minded and will figure out what’s going on here eventually. Most of us know exactly what’s going on but when you have the media covering up the truth ,unless you’re looking at other sources you really don’t know. i think now a lot of people are catching on. The worse Joe gets the harder it gets to hide the truth; sooner or later you can’t.