There Better NOT Be Any Truth To This Story 😠

Note:The following analysis reported in the Epoch Times is NOT based on a forensic audit. Benny White was a vehemently anti Trump Republican who was involved in this analysis along with 1 Democrat & 1 Independent.

The relatively high number of Republican voters who opted to support Democrat Joe Biden for president helped lead to Biden’s win in the crucial swing state of Arizona in 2020, according to a new voting analysis.

“Republicans didn’t vote for Donald Trump,” Benny White, a Republican with audit experience who was involved with the analysis, told The Epoch Times.
White, a former candidate for Pima County recorder, pored over publicly available materials such as the cast vote records for Maricopa and Pima counties. He was joined by two retired executives from The Clear Ballot Group, Larry Moore, a Democrat, and Tim Halvorsen, an independent.

They found that in Maricopa County, 59,800 Republicans voted for eight or more GOP candidates, but not Trump. Some 39,102 of these Republicans voted for Biden.
The results in Pima County were similar, with some 15,000 opting not to support Trump despite voting for many other Republicans in other races.

“The same phenomena of disaffected voters not voting for their party presidential candidate occurred on both the Republican side and the Democrat side but it was more of a problem for Trump on the Republican side, less of a problem for Biden on the Democrat side,” White told The Epoch Times.
Biden beat Trump by under 11,000 votes out of over 3.4 million cast in Arizona, according to the certified results. In Maricopa County alone, Biden’s margin of victory was over 45,000.

Biden received Arizona’s 11 electoral votes. He also narrowly won other swing states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, helping him unseat Trump despite the president securing about 10 million more votes than in 2016.

White is known for his criticism of the Maricopa County Forensic audit of the 2020 election.

His criticism has attracted pushback from Bryan Blehm, a lawyer for Cyber Ninjas, the firm hired by the Arizona Senate to lead the audit. Blehm initially posted a cordial invitation to visit the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, where auditors are working, but after White declined and kept attacking the audit and the auditors, Blehm became increasingly frustrated.

“Benny has never even bothered to visit the audit. Benny thinks it is more important to rely on the information provided to him by the people we are auditing. Benny is a follower who accepts what is fed to him,” Blehm wrote last week on White’s Facebook page.

I’m waiting on the Maricopa County audit to finish and provide their report on the 2020 election before i draw any conclusions. That said,if the White analysis is proven accurate-not very likely but possible*- we have some talking to do to the Republican rank and file as well as party officials.

I voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney both back when they were running against Barrack Obama. i wasn’t crazy about either Republican candidate,especially Romney, but i plugged my nose and voted for them anyway. In fact i voted against both of them in the primary and cast that vote for Mike Huckabee and Herman Cain with my full support for both of them. I was especially supportive of Herman Cain at the time. Still, when McCain and Romney won the primaries i voted for them in the General Election.

You mean to tell me when it came to the 2020 election with all that was at stake and a horrible candidate like Biden these people couldn’t do like i was always advised to do, plug your nose and support our candidate? You mean to tell me they voted down ballot for Republicans then gave us this Democrat President; meaning none of the down ballot votes counted for squat. BTW,we’d have them to thank for the crap we’re enduring now. Hope they’re happy.

i don’t want to go too crazy here though. We’ll see how the Maricopa audit goes. I know those results will be reliable and backed up by evidence. i think the information provided in the analysis by White and his 2 partners is a tad sketchy and obviously biased. It may be more anecdotal than anything. I hope it’s not true. Again, we’ll see.

* am open minded. I’m obviously sold on Trump but i would never let that get in the way of honest, fair, thorough & professionally done objective analysis based on facts. If the Maricopa audit finds that Biden legally won,then Biden legally won.