Pro-Marxist Dems and Corrupt Establishment Media Attempt To Label Every Trump Supporter Who Attended Jan 6th Rally A “Terrorist,” While NYC Dismisses Almost Every Case Against 2020 Looters and Violent BLM/Antifa Rioters

Evans News Report

American citizens who never even came close to the Capitol building where Capitol Police waived them up to the steps have been repeatedly slandered in the media. MI GOP Vice-Chair Meshawn Maddock and her conservative lawmaker husband, MI Rep. Matt Maddock (R), are true patriots. Meshawn, a former board member on the national Women for Trump organization, gave a speech near the Ellipse in DC and then headed back to her hotel room with her husband. Once they discovered the powerful conservative couple was in DC on the 6th, the dishonest Michigan media began a sick slander campaign against both of them. They falsely accused them of being “insurrectionists,” simply because they happened to be in Washington DC during what’s beginning to look more and more like an “insurrection” that our intelligence agencies planned.

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